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Have you been dreaming of a white Christmas? Well this year "here comes the Grinch" is taking on a whole new meaning in How The Grinch Gaped Christmas! Don't you just love a thought provoking title?

If you haven't been privileged enough to view the trailer yet, let me reassure you that you can expect Santa Claus to be cumming more than once this year, so make sure you're good or you'll get more than coal in your stocking!

Starring and directed by Joanna Angel of 'Burning Angel Entertainment', the film centers around the town of 'Whoreville' and is sure to forever change your perception of How The Grinch Stole Christmas.

The 2014 movie is sure to become an instant Christmas classic and is due to be released on DVD just in time for the festive period, so make sure to get your copy ready for dinner with the family!

Nothing will spice up Christmas day more than killer lines from this Christmas parody.

"Every whore down in Whoreville liked Christmas a lot. But the Grinch who lived just north of Whoreville did not."

I don't know about you, but Whoreville is without a doubt my newest holiday destination, although any visitors should brace themselves for the contents of Santa's sack.

How The Grinch Gaped Christmas Isn't Family Friendly!

Unfortunately, it seems How The Grinch Gaped Christmas isn't fun for all the family; who would have thought?

Nope, this instant Christmas classic is just for adults. It seems that only the parents can be awake when Santa cums down the chimney this year.

I haven't watched the movie, but I can imagine that when the Grinch comes knocking it will be the hottest winter on record!

So... On To The Story!

So, I hear you ask, what's the story conveyed by this movie; what moral messages and knowledge does Joanna Angel impart? Well for that jewel of information we turn to ''

Angel’s fans will be able to enjoy her turn as the devious-and-dirty Grinch, who plots to ruin Christmas for the poor citizens of Whoreville by stealing their gifts and ruining their festive decorations. But the people of Whoreville don’t care. “All we need is each other!”

And I'm sure by the end of the movie they'll all have had each other. So what does star Joanna Angel have to say about her movie?

"Who wouldn’t want to escape to the land of Whoreville, where no matter how bad things get, you’ve always got each other… in every position imaginable?”

Joanna has me convinced! I'm canceling my Christmas plans and booking a one way ticket to Whoreville!

Remember, it's the season of giving, so make sure to pick up a copy of How The Grinch Gaped Christmas for your loved ones!

Unfortunately I can't show you the movie, but check out the trailer below!

(Source: Mstarz, Xbiz.)


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