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[Agents of SHIELD Season 3](tag:3502444) is coming along nicely: S03E07 Chaos Theory wasn't the best episode of the bunch, but with an emotionally poignant plotline and plenty of Inhuman revelations it helps to set up many story threads as we rocket towards the mid-season finale. And let's not forget all those juicy references to the wider MCU! Let's take a look back on the main hints from Chaos Theory, and bring on the speculation...

Civil War Set Up

After showing the fallout from Winter Soldier, we're expecting Agents of SHIELD to feed into Civil War in a similar way, and there are plenty of hints in Chaos Theory as to how it might do just that.

Will Coulson return to the movies?
Will Coulson return to the movies?

Just to refresh your memory: the Civil War movie is sidestepping the comics' Registration Act to use a "system of accountability and governing body" as the catalyst for conflict between the heroes.

Agents Of SHIELD season 3 is really running with the theme of control, and Chaos Theory took this to a new level, with Andrew obsessed with taking out dangerous Inhumans as the ATCU continues in their mission to... take out dangerous Inhumans. So the possibilities for Civil War basically come down to:

  • The ATCU is the new governing body to control the Avengers
  • A "more legitimised SHIELD" will return to the MCU films, as a system of accountability for the Avengers!

The last possibility was hinted at through Coulson's meeting with the President, though that's probably just a trap orchestrated by Gideon Malick and (shock horror!) Rosalind Price.

Rosalind uses her feminine wiles to trap Coulson
Rosalind uses her feminine wiles to trap Coulson

With Kevin Feige claiming the MCU films and shows will start to crossover more, seeing SHIELD back in the movies is a distinct possibility (and the Avengers might finally know Coulson is alive!). But this isn't the only film Chaos Theory is setting up...

Just Where Is Jemma's Planet?

Chaos Theory's sub plot saw Fitz investigate Jemma's time on the mysterious planet, and went a long way to develop the relationship between SHIELD's science bros. (That sunrise scene broke my heart a little bit tbh.) But emotion aside, Jemma's planet is highly likely to provide plot hints for Phase 3 movies! Let's narrow down the possibilities.

  • Hala: this planet is the centre of the Kree empire, and features heavily in the original Captain Marvel's plotline. If this is Jemma's planet, it would help set up the [Captain Marvel](tag:949779) solo movie!

  • Svartalfheim: aka the home of the Dark Elves we saw in Thor 2 - could this be a [Thor: Ragnarok](tag:956858) hint?

  • The Dark Dimension: this one's less likely, but as Agents Of SHIELD season 2 laid some plot hints for [Doctor Strange](tag:559685) (via Darkforce), having Jemma use her new portal to explore the Dark Dimension would do a lot to get fans excited for the Strange movie next year!
Jemma chills out on the mysterious planet
Jemma chills out on the mysterious planet

And speaking of Jemma's planet, did Fitz unearth a crucial connection to the Marvel Comics?

Ancient SHIELD

Fitz definitely donned his foil conspiracy theorist hat this episode, as he pointed out the similarities between this ancient symbol and NASA's project logo...

Coincidence? I think not! (Probably)
Coincidence? I think not! (Probably)

As Bobbi and Hunter said, I'm inclined to think Fitz is reaching a bit with this connection. But if Agents Of SHIELD has proved nothing else, it's that there's a secret organisation behind pretty much any major event! The possibilities are endless as to what this group might be, but it could be a reference to comic writer Jonathon Hickman's version of SHIELD, which was established centuries before the 20th Century!

Or this could be another evil organisation like HYDRA, or something completely unconnected to the comics. Only time will tell for this one. But there is one secret organisation that's coming along nicely...

Rise Of The Secret Warriors!

We know that at some point Daisy will assemble a new team of Inhumans to become the Secret Warriors, thanks to hints from the showrunners and this telling poster.

The Secret Warriors are coming...
The Secret Warriors are coming...

Chaos Theory helped to develop this plotline, with Lincoln coming out of hiding and Daisy saving Rosalind's life with her powers. It seems that the combined effort to take down Lash helped to prove Inhumans aren't all bad. Joey's reappearance also went a long way in setting up Secret Warriors - he even asked to join Coulson's new team of agents with powers! Hopefully we'll see this soon, though the team probably won't assemble (heh) until after the mid-season hiatus.

There's plenty more to unpack from this episode (I especially like how the idea of an Inhuman cure is getting dealt with much better than the Mutant cure was in X-Men 3), but for now I'll leave it there. Did you spot any hints we missed? Let us know in the comments, or write your own post!

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