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It must be very easy to lose your feet when you're at the summit of stardom. But highest paid female actor in Hollywood Jennifer Lawrence is definitely one of the exclusive few to have experienced such disorienting heights.

The number of times the Mockingjay star has now fallen over in public is starting to add up to an impressive total.

But don't worry JLaw, there's always a silver lining to this kind of thing. Every time you trip over in front of us, we see you always get back up and we fall even more in love with you.

In a way, it shows that Lawrence, who may appear in an elusive shroud of success and fortune, is as vulnerable and normal as the rest of us.

On Tuesday, Jennifer Lawrence attended the Madrid premiere for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2. The star looked incredible in a gorgeous long black gown.

Working with a dress of that sort of length is not a facile task for anyone at all, so we're definitely not being judgmental. However, the X-Men star did make us giggle and go 'aww' when she took a tumble.

This isn't the first time our favorite tribute has dropped to the floor in public.

Remember the 2013 Oscars?

As she walked up to the stage to give her Best Actress speech for Silver Linings, the star famously tripped over her colossal dress.

Jennifer kept her nerve, regained her balance and continued to the podium.

Our sweet Katniss felt so embarrassed that she addressed the small mishap during her speech. Poor Katniss, all she needed was a hug.

Also remember exactly one year later at the 2014 Oscars?

This time the star tripped on the red carpet and was helped up by her boyfriend at the time, Nicholas Hoult.

Lawrence waved to fans before tripping and clinging to the person in front of her for support.

Jennifer, we've got you. Whenever you fall we'll be right there waiting to catch you.


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