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Seeing that this film celebrated its 30th anniversary this year I thought it would be a good film to review. This classic family film is directed by Robert Zemeckis and features an all-star cast that is led by Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd.

This is the perfect example of how a fun family film should be done. Too many films nowadays are either dark and serious or so light and happy that it will only appeal to kids, this is a film that seamlessly blends both. It is a fun and very enjoyable film that contains some pretty mature themes throughout.

Even though we have seen this scenario many times since there’s nothing like seeing it for the first time which I think is what makes this film so special. The whole story of traveling to the past and preserve the future is dealt with so well with tons of iconic scenes that make it better than your average time-travel movie.

Michael J. Fox is great as Marty McFly and perfectly adapts over time to the situation he is in. Christopher Lloyd is also good as the wacky Doc Brown, even though he overacts a lot of the time it makes his character more believable. There are also people like Crispin Glover who plays Marty's dad and all I can say is that he one of the oddest actors to ever live. From the way he looks to that really weird laugh it makes his character work, even if some of those things weren’t intentional.

Filled with memorable quotes, characters and moments this is film that is one of the best films ever. They basically don’t make films like this anymore.


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