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The folks over at Screen Junkies are known for their Honest Trailers: a hilarious "honest" take on some of the most popular movies, recent and otherwise. In this case, they tackled Terminator Genisys, easily the worst movie of the franchise and a disappointment to most fans.

Check it out below:

They simply ripped it apart, citing that nobody "asked for" this... and that there was no blood

They also got on the flick for re-doing a ton of dialogue

"Come with me if you want to live." I mean, I dig the tributes and call-backs, but at some point you gotta bring something new and fresh.

Khaleesi couldn't even save this film

Overall, this was one of the best Honest Trailers I've seen in a while. They almost rarely butcher these, and with a movie this bad... it wasn't hard to come up with a creative critique.

Here's the real trailer for reference... *spoilers* it's not nearly as good.

(Via: geektyrant)


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