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Day 11 of 22


Ooooh boy! This makes up for the lack of news the past few days! We got 3 clips of The Lion Guard!

One clip is about Simba starting to tell Kion about his role as Lion Guard. Humorously, Kion thinks he's getting "The Talk" again.

The next clip is a trailer

The last clip is a behind the scenes video on the making of The Lion Guard.

And if you look closely behind the director Howy Parkins you can see some of Kiara's concept art!

Tvinsider has given us some quotes about Kiara's role too!

“In the film, it was Mufasa, King of the Pride Lands, versus Scar, the second born,” notes Guard executive producer Ford Riley. “Now we have Kion, the second born, and his older sister, Kiara (All My Children’s Eden Riegel), will be queen. Kion will not grow up to be king, so what’s his role in this life?”

"The Lion Guard doesn’t shy from the realities of the African savanna. At one point, Kiara lectures another lion about the killing of gazelles and how it must be done only out of need, not sport. After all, it is the circle of life."

That last sentence fits perfectly with Kiara's personality. She wants the Pride Lands to remain peaceful.

Hopefully she'll have a bigger role than we thought!

Picture of the Day

Here's some more Outlands. Look at that fiery rock, it looks so cool! It's so detailed and pretty. The hyenas are watching as their leader Janja bounds up some rocks.

Things to Ponder

"Who was supposed to be Kion's Lion Guard?"

The Lion Guard has 5 members in the show, each with their own strength, Fierceness, Keenest of Sight,Strong,Fast, and Brave.

However there are only 4 Pride Land cubs:

Tiifu and Zuri


And Kiara

While Tiifu and Zuri were possible candidates to join, Kiara wouldn't be able to. She has responsibility as future queen and wouldn't be able to join them. (I personally think she'd be a great member.)

So who else would've been in The Lion Guard?

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