ByRebecca Irene Anderson, writer at

In resent news involving transformers, screen writers and detectors have been talking about combining the two for a massive movie.

Now how cool would it be to see the two franchises come together to kick ass I'm a whole new way. But would they team up for fight against each other.

Both teams did work for the government at one point until transformers age of extinction. The government has them hunted down and killed. They killed off auto bots and decepticons alike saying that they were only killing decepticons. But wouldent you tell of they were an auto bot?

I'm the GI Joe movie we see ag the beginning that they were attacked and many of them killed and thought the movie they fought back against the people who killed many of there comrades and friends.

Now by putting the two of them together would be an awsome thing to do but how many fans like the fact of this and how many don't. I for one am waiting to see what they come up with.

In the new transformers 5 movies megan fox and Co star sheyan labuff have been Rumered to Stat as main charaters once again. Hopefuly we get to see mark Walberg again to.


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