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Bethesda's role playing games have always offered a liberating bevy of customization options, giving players the freedom to become whoever they want to be. It's a freedom that seems somehow wrong not to exploit, and if gamers are good at anything, it's pushing technology as far as it can go in the dumbest, most hilarious ways possible.

True to form, Fallout 4's character creation tool is exceptionally versatile, letting you tweak minute details down to the precise angle of your nostril. As you might expect, players have been busy stretching the system to its very limits, spawning some truly terrifying Frankenstein-esque monsters in the process. These are the most horrifying wanderers of the wasteland...

Botox Beauty


The Radiated Prom Queen

Should've Seen the Other Guy

Why the Long Face?

Hey, Sugar

What's in Your Closet?

What Are You Staring At?

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Hey You Guys!

I've waited 7 years for this moment. #fallout4 #fallout #Bethesda #toddhoward

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Gimme a Kiss

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Bonus: Nigel Thornberry!

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