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*Needless to say: Extreme Spoilers Lie Ahead!*

So what can I say about last night's episode of The Flash, 'Enter Zoom,' besides that it was awesome?! Seriously, in the past I've discussed that The Flash has really gained momentum as a series and that it's currently doing even better than its cousin — Arrow, but 'Enter Zoom' was on a whole new level.

The Flash has had some incredible episodes in the past; 'Flash vs. Arrow,' and anything where The Flash faced off against Reverse Flash, but his showdown with Zoom was impeccable.

This episode we saw Zoom face-off against — and royally kick the crap out of — Barry, who was left alive but not particularly well. Zoom proved that he was by far the superior speedster before bending Barry's back to a sickening angle and dragging him all over Central City like a broken puppet.

Moments such as this were dark, but visually they worked incredibly well. There were concerns that Zoom would just be another pissed off speedster like Reverse Flash, but he was something else entirely, coming off as almost demonic and emanating striking power.

Zoom is without a doubt the finest supervillain we've seen so far on The Flash, and that's just after one real appearance! What more can we expect from him in the future, and how will team Flash bring him down?

You can most definitely expect me to write an article on this in the very near future, but until then let's have a look at some DC references and Easter eggs from 'Enter Zoom.' The episode was a bit reference-light, but there were some good ones.

References and Easter Eggs in 'Enter Zoom'

1. Robert Queen

Let's get off to a flying start here. On last night's Flash we heard a reference to Earth 2's Arrow, who is in fact Robert Queen, our Green Arrow's deceased father.

In 'Enter Zoom' it was revealed that Robert Queen was publicly outed as the Arrow on Earth 2, which is pretty damn interesting. This means that in the alternate universe, Robert Queen survived five years in Hell, presumably leaving Oliver dead and buried back on Lian Yu.

Personally, I'd be quite interested to hear the story of Robert Queen from Earth 2; is it similar to Oliver's and did he recruit Felicity to the cause? Opening the multiverse story-line was a fantastic decision that has worked really well for The Flash.

2. Jesse Quick

This isn't the first time we've seen the future speedster Jesse Quick in The Flash, but 'Enter Zoom' was the first episode in which she was mentioned by name. We know that she's being held hostage by Zoom, presumably in an attempt to lure Harrison Wells into coming to look for her, but Cisco's "vibe" led to a vision of Jesse which now pretty much clears Wells of any Zoom-related suspicion.

It's safe to assume that we could very well be getting Jesse Quick as a new speedster, but how and when this will happen is pretty unclear.

It seems that much like Arrow's "Speedy," Jesse Quick is an affectionate family nickname which will lead to a superhero identity on The Flash.

I really can't wait for a speedster team in the Arrow universe made up of Jesse Quick and Kid Flash with The Flash leading the charge... but I guess we have to wait until Barry gets back on his feet.

3. Terminal Velocity

If you've read The Flash comic books, you'll have heard of terminal velocity, so it's not a huge revelation to have had it mentioned on the television show, but it's a nice wink to the Flash fans.

As was covered in 'Enter Zoom,' terminal velocity is the highest speed an object can reach while falling. It's also the title of a comic book storyline in which Wally West and Jesse Quick rush to save the life of Wally's love interest, Linda Park.

Is this just a passing wink to the Flash fans, or does this have any greater meaning? We've had Wally West confirmed as Iris's estranged brother and we've now seen Jesse Quick onscreen, not to mention Linda Park having played a big role in 'Enter Zoom;' could the creators be hinting at the direction in which they're taking the show?

4. Linda Park, a.k.a. 'Dr. Light'

Last night we saw Linda Park impersonate her Earth 2 doppelgänger, Dr. Light, in a failed attempt to trick Zoom. The plan was an utter failure, but Linda's embarrassing training session translated well onscreen, in an act I'm pretty sure was the creators saying, "No, Earth 1, Linda Park will not become Dr. Light!"

The lighthearted first half of the episode contrasted sharply to the dark second half, and the payout was spectacular. We won't be getting a superhero Linda Park anytime soon, but it's clear the show's creators have every intention of keeping her around a while longer. Although they would have to broaden her character – I hate to hate on Park, but we already have a reporter who's a former love interest of Barry's, and at least Iris knows how to shoot...

Right, I got carried away. My point is this: They're clearly keeping Linda Park around, and she has close ties to Wally West in the comic books. We've had one reference to Wally so far, so will the creators build on the comic book source material and form a relationship between Park and the as-yet-unseen Wally?


What did you think of 'Enter Zoom'? Was it the best episode of The Flash to date?



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