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What's going on? We'll get to see Lacrosse? Coach is back?

Arden Cho might have confirmed the return of Coach, the same day that Cody Saintgnue confirmed that Lacrosse is back.

So we will definitly see Beacon Hills Vs Devenford. But Cody Saintgnue said in October that he might move away from Devenford. So he might be moving into Beacon Hills? But after that he corrected himself and said, i hope i move into Scott's pack, "they know i'm loyal".

We might see some chemistry between Brett and Mason.

So what is confirmed:

  • Braeden will be in this season
  • Scott will be a Bada$$ Alpha
  • There will be a new creature, the big bad, it's called "The Beast/La Bete"
  • Another new creature is called "Skinwalker", there will be plenty of them
  • Deucalion is back, and his eyes aren't the same
  • Chris Argent will be back
  • Scott and Stiles will shine as Sciles
  • Lydia and Stiles will share some love
  • Parrish will be a lot in the season
  • We will get another Argent back
  • The Hallucionation of Aiden will just be 1 or 2 Episodes. (But we might not see Aiden this time.)
  • The Hellhound will be stronger than the Dread Doctors expected
  • The Dread Doctors will still cause trouble
  • Theo wants to be a real werewolf, and he might be beter than people think
  • Malia will trust Theo at some point
  • 2 more people than we already know will be back.
  • Brett will be back
  • This season will be epic

What's rumored:

  • Jackson's return
  • Isaac's return
  • Coach's return
  • Derek's return
  • Kate's return
  • Gerard's return
  • A lot more

Episode 11:

Malia and Braeden will fight/find the Desert Wolf. Or at least something.

Scott and Stiles will have a huge fight.

Scott won't forgive Stiles easily.

But... Scott and Stiles have to fight for Stilinski's life.

Theo and Scott will have a talk.

Episode 12:

Kira will be back.

We'll see Lydia in Eichen House and a new creature.

Scott and Liam won't reunite yet.

Parrish will find something out of himself.

Episode 13:

Kira will kick some ass.

The start of a Badass True Alpha.

Scott and Stiles will talk.

Chris Argent will be in it (It might be his return, or his return is in episode 12)

Episode 14:

Malia and Braeden will fight the Desert wolf.

Lydia will find something out.

We'll see a huge fight.

Episode 15:

Liam will have a huge fight scene.

The pack will try to break Lydia out of Eichen House.

Lydia is the last 1 they need in the pack.

Episode 16:

Lydia will get out of Eichen House.

Parrish will have a fight scene.

We'll get to see if Dr. Valack is a good guy or bad guy.

Episode 17:

1 hell of a fight will be in it.

Episode 18:

Parrish will figure something out and we'll get a flashback about something

Episode 19:

It will be a badass episode

Episode 20:

We don't know.

Teen Wolf returns January 5, 2016, 9PM on MTV.


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