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1D fans are undoubtedly familiar with Mark Parsons' fan animation, The Adventurous Adventures of One Direction (AAoOD). Two years have passed since the second installment, AAoOD2, was released and a lot has changed for today's most popular boy band. I think we can all agree that we absolutely need to see more of the animated adventures of the greatest (no hate) boy band in the world. Don't you think?

The Adventurous Adventures of One Direction

AAOoD is a fan fiction and animation created by Mark Parsons. As stated in the introduction of the first installment, Parsons made AAoOD for the sake of having a 1D fan fiction written by a guy (because most fanfics are written by girls).

AAoOD presents 1D as superheroes. In its first installment, a villain named Faptaguise catnaps pussycats from all over town and with teamwork, the lads save the pussycats. As strange and fictitious as the story may be, AAoOD has lessons. Plus AAoOD presents fun facts about 1D members! Best part is, their characters are really based from their personalities in real life.

The Adventurous Adventures of One Direction 2

Unlike the first installment, Parsons created AAoOD2 in response to a fan request. The second installment is purely dedicated to the fans. 1D gets kidnapped by Megafan, a villain whose only intention is to make 1D his personal slaves. Instead of being the heroes, the lads get saved by no other than, the fans. The whole episode is a metaphor for how important fans are to 1D.

On July 9, Parsons tweeted that he's making AAoOD3, in reply to Matthew Harris' tweet of "Archer - What What Pirate Virus HD" video and this pretty much got 1D fans' hopes up. Finally after 2 years of waiting, Parsons mentions creating AAoOD3!

What we'd like to see in AAoOD3:

  • Zayn

Zayn in AAoOD2
Zayn in AAoOD2

Now that Zayn left 1D, how will the rest of the gang save the world? In AAoOD, the last time we saw Zayn was in the garbage chute in the Wrathosphere. 9 months later, Zayn returns in AAoOD2 appearing to have finally escaped from the same garbage chute. None of the other 1D members seem to have noticed his 9-month disappearance- how will they react now that Zayn left the band? Where's Zayn going to be at this time?

  • Just how fast physical appearance changes~

Harry in 2012 and Harry in 2015
Harry in 2012 and Harry in 2015

Harry's gorgeous long hair is one of the most obvious changes since 2012. Not just his hair, but his whole style. Wonder how he'll look like in AAoOD3? There's also:

Louis and Liam 2012 and 2015
Louis and Liam 2012 and 2015

Would Louis and Liam have facial hair in AAoOD3? Then there's Niall:

Niall in AAoOD2 and Niall playing golf
Niall in AAoOD2 and Niall playing golf

Niall hasn't changed much. Will he be playing golf in AAoOD3 too? Let's hope Mark won't let these little things slip out of his sight!

  • 1D in Outer Space

Drag Me Down
Drag Me Down

In 1D's Drag Me Down music video, the lads were sent to space. I think we'd like to see their next adventure in space. Don't you?

Parsons hasn't said anything yet regarding AAoOD3. As far as all Directioners are concerned, his tweet to Matthew Harris is the latest news regarding the fan animation. Who knows? He could've been doing it since then and will just surprise us on its release. One thing's for sure, a lot of fans are looking for AAoOD3.


Do you want to see another episode of AAoOD?


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