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Kristin Lai

Los Angeles-based pin-up artist Andrew Tarusov has taken classic Hollywood actresses and paired them with iconic movie monsters for his 2013 calendar. Seeing such glamorous figures paired with some of the most frightening characters makes for some seriously beautiful art.

Check out his work below:

Marlene Dietrich and Aliens

Sophia Loren meets Bela Lugosi

Greta Garbo and Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Attack of the 50 feet Audrey Hepburn

Elizabeth Taylor meets Mummy

King Kong and Grace Kelly

Frankenstein meets Marilyn Monroe

Creature from the Black Lagoon and Brigitte Bardot

Wolfman and Catherine Deneuve

To see more of Andrew Tarusov's work be sure to visit his Instagram page. Or, better yet, you can become a patron and support his creative works HERE.

(Source: Instagram)


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