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With Jeffrey Dean Morgan cast as Negan (the villain from the comics) on The Walking Dead, to be revealed some time in this new season - season 6 - we have a lot to look back on as far as villainous characters on the show are concerned.

I mean, walkers are an obvious threat off the bat, but when you add evil humans in to the mix - and ones who aren't afraid to use walkers as weapons - things get dicey really fast.

So, let's take a look at some of the villains from TWD and where they are now.

1. Don't worry about Gareth... he's still getting work

You may recall Gareth from Terminus. He was played by Andrew J. West, and he's appeared in Under the Dome, Minority Report, the movie Walter, and he'll soon play Hitch in Middle Man.

Here's the handsome bloke...

2. The Governor found a spot on another successful TV series

The Governor was the incredibly brutal, and paranoid leader of those living at Woodbury. He was played by David Morrissey who is now probably most-known for his new role on Extant as Tobias Shepherd.

3. If you're lucky, you've forgotten about Ed (season one)... Carol's awful husband. His career isn't exactly popping off right now.

Ed Peletier was one of the more low-key terrible people from the show's early beginnings. He physically threatened his wife and daughter, and eventually lashed out. Shane beat that ass.

He was an incredibly creepy man, who even at one point had eyes for his daughter (Sophia). Since then, Adam Minarovich has played "Thug" on two episodes of One Tree Hill and has had small TV roles, but nothing major. I think he might get type-cast as a goon-type character after TWD, sadly. But hey, he does it well...

All I know is, I'm ready for this next Daryl-centric episode...


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