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It's November 11th, which means the United State of America is celebrating Veterans Day. The day that we remember the fallen soldiers who fought bravely to maintain our way of life in this country. Also, it's not just the fallen soldiers that need our attention, but those who still protect us today.

No matter how you feel about war, it's easy to support the troops and in the case of celebrities, that means doing so via Tweet.

Check out some of these celebrity Tweets from this morning...

Melissa Joan Hart came with the Insta

Wynonna Judd left quite a few posts on Twitter, but this was probably her best Tweet (of the many USA-related ones)

John Cena Tweeted as well...

Mario Lopez gave a salute too

Chris Tucker had some nice words for the troops

The Rock weighed in too, with an Instagram post

Michael Cudlitz from TWD

Will Poulter is thankful as well on this day

One of the world's biggest country musicians, Luke Bryan had a Tweet too

Michael Raymond-James thanked all the men and women for their service

Donnie Wahlberg included a photo in his Tweet

I know Bradley Cooper doesn't have Twitter but tonight, I plan on watching American Sniper again, and thanking my lucky stars that there are people out there willing to put their lives in danger to keep me and my fellow citizens of this great country safe.


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