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Star Wars has been released on Blu-ray for some time now but today we finally get to have the steelbook editions for those who are collectors.

My first impression of these steelbook is that they are pretty unexciting. Normally steelbook have an alternative cover to the movie but usually they are a bit cooler. I don't understand why they didn't just put the original posters on the cover, especially with the new movie trying to go back to the older style of the original films. These remind me of the old VHS releases of the original trilogy where they did something similar with different characters on the cover the films. Its weird to now think that every release of Star Wars has had a different look to the covers of their releases instead of just using one singular look to all the releases.

As of right now there really isn't any reason to buy these especially if you already bought the Blu-rays from a few years ago. If your like me its better to just wait and hope for an original release of the original films untouched by the special editions.


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