ByDaniel Miles, writer at
I'm a London based film and TV critic who just wants a Dredd sequel

With 2015 drawing to a close, I'm starting to think of my end of year lists, more specifically "Best" "Worst" and "Disappointing". And I've run into a small issue.

I cant remember most of them.

I mean I know that Terminator: Genysis/ Fantastic 4 must be buried in dark places under the earth and anybody attached to them must be banned from so much as watching a film ever again.

I remember that Mad Max: Fury Road was so manly it made me pregnant.

And I haven't been able to get The Lobster out of my head since I saw the damn thing.

But as for the rest? Grey, beige, inconsequential noise that even when watching my own reviews I can barely remember.

It seems that this year more than most films have been content to be a load of sound and noise signifying nothing. Where were the blockbusters with the philosophical overtones? Where were the small films that broke through? Where were the documentaries that made the world take note and say 'something must be done about this?'

I review 2 films a week on average, with 52 weeks in a year that means I'll have reviewed 104 by the end of the year and that's not including the ones I didn't have time to review. What does it mean that I can just remember about 5% of them?

Cinemas are reporting massive profits, there are more and more independent films being made and yet...

Is this just me? Is my memory going in my old age?

Maybe all these amazing films came out and I missed them. I mean I missed Pitch Perfect 2 and that was amazing enough to almost kill Pacific Rim 2: Rim Harder.

So I ask you, did I miss one? What films have stuck with you after the credits for good or bad?


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