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The newest Arrow spin-off, Legends of Tomorrow, will pretty much take care of all the extra superheroes that the CW can't do much with.

So far the members are the ATOM, White Canary, Firestorm, Captain Cold, and Heat Wave, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, and Rip Hunter.

It is inevitable that there will be new members eventually. So here are my suggestions to use in the future.

1. Constantine

Recently Constantine appeared on Arrow season 4. And after that, fan's of the Constantine TV show have started a petition for a season 2 of this great show. But, I am not totally confident that this will happen, even though I would love it. So I think, if this doesn't happen, Matt Ryan needs to become a main cast member on Legends of Tomorrow. There are more people who want to see more of the exorcist and master of the dark arts, (or I should say, petty dabbler for those of you who watched Constantine), than there are people who don't want to see any Constantine. If the Constantine show does not come back, then please allow him on Legends of Tomorrow as a member of the team.

Edit: There is a rumor now that Matt Ryan will appear in season 2 as a main cast member. And what I have to say to this is, please do.

2. Red Arrow

Sadly, Colton Haynes is not a main cast member on Arrow anymore, and we only got to see one year of Arsenal. Roy Harper retired and took the name Jason. But, I think he was too young to retire. I'm sure many people want to see more of Arsenal, and I do too, but not Arsenal. I think Roy Harper should join the Legends of Tomorrow for whatever reason, whether it's to defeat Vandal Savage, or fight the League of Assassins. Roy should take on the new persona as the Red Arrow, though. A new fresh life for Roy, so he can be a new fresh hero.

Edit: Colton Haynes will return as Roy Harper in Arrow's fourth season. My idea for that is to introduce him as Red Arrow and then have him on Legends of Tomorrow.

3. Vixen

Greg Berlanti and his team said that if the animated series Vixen, is successful, then it's possible that they would think about a live action version. Whether it's on Arrow or the Flash, or it's her own show. First, I wouldn't mind her on the Flash, but after that, I think she should join the Legends. Mari McCabe would fit perfectly into the atmosphere of this show, so why not introduce the live action version on this show.

4. Huntress

In the past, some people wanted a Huntress spin-off, and some still do. And I would not hate this, but I would rather see Helena Bertinelli on this spin-off. Captain Cold, and Heat Wave are the only villains on the show, and since the team does not only have to consist of heroes, Huntress could be brought back into play.

5. Wildcat

In season 3 of Arrow, Ted Grant, fought Danny "Brick" Brickwell. Grant was beaten up by Brick, and Brick was brought into custody. It is unknown if Ted is alive or not. I believe that he is, and that he should come back. If he comes back, Legends of Tomorrow would be the best place for him. The Legends need another martial arts character besides White Canary, so why not Wildcat to take the spot.

6. Connor Hawke

Connor Hawke is confirmed to appear on Legends of Tomorrow already. But here, he isn't the Green Arrow's son. And not being Oliver's son allows some good and bad things. Here, Connor doesn't have to have a connection to Oliver. So what if the ATOM and Firestorm went looking for new members and found Connor, we know nothing about him in this universe, so he could easily be apart of the team.

7. Mister Terrific

Echo Kellum is great as Curtis Holt on Arrow, but I don't think the superhero Mister Terrific will fit on the show. So Mister Terrific needs to appear on this show. Holt would fit perfectly with all the other members, and the upbeat theme about the show, so why not include him.

This is Part 1 of a series. I will put out at least 3 more parts.

Do you like my ideas? Do you agree or disagree with any of my members? Please, let me know!


Who do you want to join the Legends of Tomorrow most?


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