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It's almost that time of year again. The department stores are already fully decorated for the upcoming holiday season, and TV networks have already started airing holiday fair. One of my favorite holiday movies ever is the live action version of How The Grinch Stole Christmas. I must have watched it almost a dozen times in the theaters. We all know how busy this time of year can be with finals, holiday parties and family gatherings. These 10 Grinch gifs perfectly illustrate all the emotions you may experience during the holiday season.

10. Going home for break and seeing everyone from high school.

9. Having to manage your time properly...

8. ...even with your busy schedule.

7. Seeing old friends.

6. Finding the perfect outfit for a holiday party...

5. ...and end up not going anyway.

4. Being over exposed to EVERY radio station playing holiday music.

3. Being pampered by your relatives.

2. Dealing with over-eating and boredom.

1. And finally getting into the holiday spirit!

Happy holiday's everyone! Do you feel you relate to these Grinch gifs? Spread some cheer in the comments below!


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