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Justin Bieber in the new Footloose movie? Scott Peer (Director of Step Up 4) said in an Interview that he would love to direct a re-make of "Footloose". But Justin Bieber was asked a question 7 days ago from the paperazzi. "If you could do any Dance Movie what movie would you do?" And Justin answered the question with "I would, uhm, i guess Footloose." So can we expect a new Footloose movie by 2017? With Justin Bieber?

But that's not all, Sam Mendes (Director of Spectre) was asked about who he would put in as a young James Bond, and he answered "Justin Bieber, cause everyone would watch that movie, and the movie would be really young and sexy". But Daniel Craig (Actor, James Bond) was asked who he would put in his footsteps and he answered "Niall Horan". But we all know that Niall isn't a great actor, But yeah Justin Bieber isn't from the UK, he can pull off an English accent but he just can't be in that franchise.

We also know Justin Bieber would love to play Iron Man, "I would be like an Iron Man Jr" he said in an interview. But what people didn't knew is that Marvel has to find a new Iron Man after 2019, because Robert Downey Jr's contract will be done, and we know Falcon might get into Captain America's footsteps, and that they will just go on till they really end the MCU 1. And start over. But is there a real chance that there will be a Iron Man Jr? Justin can pull off a charming billionaire. So we'll see.

But now going to something that might be more real.

Justin Bieber in The Expendables 4? Wesley Snipes and Sylvester Stallone would actually love that. There haven't been talks yet, but the casting will start soon. So we might get Justin as a sidekick villain.

Also Justin Bieber is linked to play an older version of the son of Brian O'Connor in the Fast & Furious franchise. Justin would play the 16 year old Jack O'Connor, named after Brian's brother Jake O'Connor who he thought died in the army. Jack is his younger son who would be portrayed by Cody Walker. So are we getting the family a little bigger. This would take place 12 years after the Sixt movie, Dom would be around 55. But that looks still cool. We don't know if this is real, but it really does look real.

Justin Bieber might make a little appereance in Machete Into Space.

Zayn Malik:

Zayn Malik working hard on his album, rumors say that he already finished 9 Songs. Zayn's new sound will be R&B Pop/ R&B Hip Hop. We'll definitly get some high notes. Zayn has been in the studio with Chris Brown. But did they do a song? Chris Brown said in an interview (Before they worked in the studio together) "I would love to make a song with Zayn". Zayn and Justin Bieber are good friend, does that mean they will make a song together? Big names on your debut album is always nice. His album will be released in 2016, 1 month after the start of the 1 year Hiatus of One Direction.

Zayn also wants to do TV or Movies. He was linked to Teen Wolf with a Fan Art.

So there might be a chance that he maked a little cameo in Teen Wolf.

Dylan O'Brien

Dylan O'Brien might be a young Han Solo in the spin off of Star Wars, but that's not all. Dylan O'Brien might be our new Robin Hood.

But Robin Hood isn't set for just 1 movie, but for a trilogy. Star Wars might also be a little longer. Dylan O'Brien will still have to shoot The Maze Runner 3 in 2016/17. Robin Hood will be set for 2017/18. Not sure, and the Star Wars movie the same. Does that mean that Season 6 might be his last on Teen Wolf, maybe Season 7? We don't know, but we beter enjoy him. Because he also is said to play a really really big role.

We all know Underworld 5 will be the last movie. So Underworld 6 will not exist, but Underworld will have a reboot/Re-Make in 2019/20, but this time with 2 Lead Characters, Off course Selene, but also Michael Corvin. He wasn't really in the Third and Fourth movie. Dylan O'Brien might be our new Michael Corvin, it also will be less darker, but still a lot of action. The role of selene would be portrayed by 1 of these names, i will only say 5 of the names that are linked, there are a lot of people for this role, Alexandra Daddario (Percy Jackson, San Andreas), Selena Gomez (Getaway), Katie Cassidy (Arrow), Bella Thorne (The DUFF) and Holland Roden (Teen Wolf).

Percy Jackson not done?

Now that everyone was thinking "It's not happening" it still might happen.

Logan Lerman and Alexandra Daddario want to do a movie together. Is this because they fight a lot and want to see eachother and talk it out? But Logan lerman was asked this, "Now that Percy Jackson isn't happening, what is your next big role?" Logan answered that question "Is Percy Jackson not happening? I knew it isn't a secret that it might not happen, but it still might happen, i don't know, but they can hit me up if they want, i'm still in."

It looks cool to have Logan Lerman saying that.

But what is next In the Arrow/Flash universe?

On Arrow we will see a new Wilson, related to Slade Wilson? We also might see a new suicide Squad? Arrow and The Flash are set to release 1 more Spin Off in 2017. It's rumored to be the Young Justice League, with Aqualad (Leon Thomas III), Arsenal (Colton Haynes), Mr Terrific (Calum Echo), Wally West (Keiynan Lonsdale), more. We will probably see Leon Thomas III in season 3 of the Flash.

But they might also have that new suicide Squad as a spin off, Manu Benett won't be in it. We'll probably have: Golden Glider (Peyton List, The Flash), Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman, Arrow), The New Wilson (Arrow), Cupid (Amy Gumenick, Arrow), Anarky (Alexander Calvert, Arrow) and Captain Boomeranf (Nick E. Tarabay, The Flash).


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