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The episode weird mageddon part 2 is set to air November 23rd. Here I'm to share what I think is going to happen. My friend from school told me his dad knows the producer of the show. The only hint my friend gave me is that Soos knows more than you think. This I'm not really sure on, I've been watching all of the theory videos I can find and none of them talk about Soos, or at least give any crucial evidence.

If you have watched the series of gravity falls you probably already know that Stan is going to die. I believe this is true because Stan's puppet got burned, his wax figure got decapitated, the hot air balloon saying I EA T KIDS got burnt, and his head piniatas were destroyed. If you saw Weirdmaggedon part 1 you would know that he had a very small part. Which probably means he will have a huge part in the next episode (death). Alex Hirsch also said "At least one character is going to die. Buckle up."

Remember the huge cliffhanger we had at the end of the episode Dipper and Mabel vs the future? Blinden Blanden a.k.a Bill said there was a time bubble, and summer can last as long as you want it to. In the beginning of Weirdmaggedon part 1 Mabel gets trapped inside a bubble. If you think about it Bill would want Mabel to stay in the bubble, because when Dipper and Mabel work together they are inseparable. They have already defeated Bill twice, the only reason Dipper hasn't defeated Bill yet is because he doesn't have Mabel. Dipper said it himself in Weirdmaggedon part 1. Before Ford got captured by Bill he said he knows of one other weakness that Bill has. Why wouldn't the weakness be twin power? So I believe inside the bubble is the Mystery Shack so she has the illusion of summer lasting forever. This will make Mabel not want to leave which is all Bill's plan.

(Click on the link to watch the preview f weirdmaggedon part 2)

In the preview you just watched Bill says "Mable's bubble was the most diabolical trick I've ever created". This can mean many things, but I think it means he is tricking Mabel into staying so that Dipper, Wendy and Soos have no chance of getting her, or themselves out.

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