BySusan J Tyler, writer at
... the Jem movie and thought that is was very entertaining and had captured the essence of the cartoon quite nicely since the point of reboots is to tell the audience a story as if it hasn't seen it yet before. I still hope this movie will become a cult classic and bring in new fans when it's released on DVD in January of 2016 and on streaming services. I can't believe how many people were "teased" out of seeing this awesome movie due to the stubborn "so-called fans'" backlash, who were be control freaks and detemined to have any new Jem material only THEIR way. Also, everyone knows that movie trailers are like covers of a book: thus the saying "You cannot judge a book by its cover." The article doesn't mention the fact that overall ticket sales at the box office was down by 10% this year from the same time last year and that this time of year is slow for movies in general. We don't know if all of the fans who wanted to see the Jem movie were reached via TV/radio commecials or if such marketing was drowned out by the DVR. We dont know how many of the "stubborn fans" refused to bring their children to see it and spread their negativity on social media. It would have been nice to have the same release date worldwide as some of the Jem fans I know of in other countries are patiently waiting for their turn to see it. This movie deserves more praise and positive attention than it originally received. I still highly recommend seeing the Jem and the Holograms movie!!!

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