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Static Shock will start filming in summer 2016? That's a long wait, in 2017 they will air the pilot of Static Shock. But are we sure Jaden Smith is Static Shock? I guess we are. But it isn't announced (yet) that Static Shock will take place in the Arrowverse, but we all think so. DC wants a DCU on TV and a DCU on the big screen. So we might see Gotham and Arrow working together soon, Supergirl and The Flash, Titans and Arrow. It all looks so cool.

Karate Kid 2? It will definitly happen, but when? The rumors say that the movie will be on the big screen in 2017. End of 2017.

Smith is currently working on a couple of projects including The Get Down and Brothers in Atlanta. Both TV series that will air in 2016.

So he didn't really dissapear. He also will be making a new album for 2016, this time he will work with Willow Smith, Will Smith, Justin Bieber and Belgian Ian Thomas.

Jaden Smith didn't do much in the past 5 years.

In 2010 he did a movie called "The Karate Kid" that grossed €360.000.000 worldwide. In 2013 he did a movie with his dad Will Smith "After Earth. But it now he might start his career big time. He doesn't really wants to be in the media, but he is working hard. In 2016 he will be in TV Series like "The Get Down" and "Brother in Atlanta". He's also playing the movie "Travyon Martin". In 2017. Static Shock and Karate Kid 2 & 3. So he will be busy for around 5 years. He's also working on an Album and on more.

Cole & Dylan Sprouse doing a new TV Show?

Dylan Sprouse is already a lead in the movie "Dismissed". But Cole Sprouse isn't yet into a new movie. Dylan & Cole want to do thing together but also apart. But they definitly will be working together. ABC/Freeform actually talked to both Cole and Dylan together for a new TV Show. The runtime will be 45 Minuts. It will be a Thriller/Comedy with some Action and off course Fantasy. Both this boys are very good at acting but they are comedy actors, but you'll be surprised by them doing some crazy work. It will be Supernatural, but no ghosts, no weird creatures. Just Werewolves, Vampires, quarantaine's, Wendigos, Skinwalkers, etc. Will they be hunters like Dean and Sam (Supernatural)? No, will they be like Scott and Stiles (Teen Wolf)? No. They will be more like 2 Twins, that fight a lot, but are in college together, both 19 years old. Both of them will get a message at the same point and it's a real hard thing. And they have to survive and get in this new life, but still have to live their old life too. That's fun cause they will both be so smart and deal with this and their will be a lot of death's. Also it will be funny how they keep this secret.

So if this is a rumor or not, i hope it isn't.


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