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Indie horror movies are a great opportunity for upcoming directors to showcase their talent. They get a few actors, a low budget and must rely mainly on their writing and directing skills to rise above. By being independent from any studio, they are free to take a new approach to genres and do something a little bit different from the mainstream.

Here are three low-profile indie horror films that you might have missed! They are the perfect choice for kicking back on the couch to watch something with your partner, friends or even alone if you are brave enough!

Pod (2015)

Pod (2015) builds on the typical cabin in the woods concept with a little twist. It switches up ghosts and zombies with conspiracy and secret government projects. The directing is solid, the writing is reasonably good although the dialog is a bit eccentric at times. The characters are pretty dull except for the deranged brother, Martin who has actual dialog that moves the story forward. The strong point of the film is really the story, and the way they present it. Instead of feeding us everything, the viewer must pay attention to putting the pieces together for his or herself.

Absentia (2011)

It is quite impressive how good Absentia manages to look with such a tight budget and amateur actors. It relies on the work of the imagination rather than obvious visuals (though there are a few creepy shots) and it works like a charm. It’s a disconcerting piece of film, and it was strong enough to catapult writer/director Mike Flanagan to much grander projects, like the recently released and frequently lauded Oculus which was very well received by viewers and critics alike.

Midnight Son (2011)

Midnight Son is something very different. It is an indie vampire flick that takes a new approach to the genre. It feels fresh and original, and despite it's below-average quality, it is an enjoyable and gory ride! The acting is great, and the writing is also surprisingly good. The writer/director is Scott Leberecht, also known for Sleepy Hollow (also great!). It definitely gives off an art-house vibe with it's intentionally raw editing and camerawork. Recommended for true cinephiles.

The Signal (2014)

The Signal is an independent movie by William Eubank, blending the elements of sci-fi and horror. The visuals are stunning, and the story is captivating throughout, making it an entertaining, thrill ride. The only problem could be the ending that leaves the viewers puzzled and with even more questions. The movie itself is very ambitious, full of big ideas, that aren't fully explained sometimes. Several scenes are left up to viewer interpretation, which is neither a bad or a good thing (but can be annoying for some). All in all, definitely deserves a watch if you don't mind a pinch of science fiction in your horror!

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