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On November 11th, businesses across the country are opening their hearts and services to US service veterans. Programs such as Green-lights for Vets have been put into place, and there are plenty of celebration activities are great for those who served. However, it is estimated that for every five veterans taken care of through special discounts and freebies, there are at least two to three fakers in the mix. There are those that either wear uniforms purchased from stores who have never served, or represent themselves as members of the military or their respective special services. This is called 'Stolen Valor'.

I present to you the four comic book veterans you do not want to meet if you are guilty of stealing from veterans.


John Stewart was a US Marine Corps sniper long before he became a Green Lantern. No nonsense, methodical, and capable, this GL once combined his power ring and sniper skills to complete a shot to take out a bad guy at approximately 90 million light years away. Also, a skilled architect, his sense of space and geometric ability should put the ever loving fear of Oa into anyone faking as a vet.


Logan schoolin' Cap and Bucky
Logan schoolin' Cap and Bucky

The best he is at what he does, James Logan Howlett has served in most armed conflicts since WW 1. Long lived due to his healing factor, and with a body that was enhanced twenty years ago with an unbreakable skeleton, he is extremely hard to kill. This feral mutant has razor sharp claws, heightened senses, and can kill a man thousand ways in two seconds. Don't be that guy, bub. You can't fake this guy out.


No words needed
No words needed

Before Frank Castle began his war on crime, he served with the United States Marine Corps. As member of that branches Force Recon unit, he mastered special combat techniques and weapons as part of his training. Now using those skills, he is someone you do not want to cross for any reason. Ever. Seems like theft of any form is enough for this guy to end you.


I would hate to hear his knuckles crack
I would hate to hear his knuckles crack

Benjamin J. Grimm, aka The Thing is the stalwart strongman of The Fantastic Four. A former USAF test pilot, Grimm was a test pilot and is virtually fearless. With a rock like, almost indestructible, hide, superhuman strength, and a 'Sunday' punch known to knock a building down, I wouldn't want to get on his bad side.

Remember, whether it's Veteran's Day or any day pf the year remember to support those who have served and if you get the urge to fake it, think of one of these four coming at ya. Is that a line you want to cross ?


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