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One Batch, Two Batch, Penny And A Dime

Entertainment Weekly is continuing to spoil us to day it seems. After releasing 4 brand-new covers featuring our favorite Star Wars heroes, they have also released some brand-new, action packed stills that will get any Star Wars fan excited!

Kylo Ren Vs Rey and Finn!

Seems odd that Kylo Ren is with our his helmet...

Lovable BB-8!

Surely this generations R2-D2!

Stormtrooper Finn and Poe Dameron!

Back to the classic look of Star Wars!

In all honesty I hated the CGI in the prequels, felt so unauthentic.

Why so serious Leia?

If your (potential) son was taking over the galaxy, I would be scared too...

Finn, Han, and Chewy being held hostage?

Looks like our three heroes are in a bit of a pickle.

Oh Han, Always so suave

Does Han ever look not-cool?

Captain Phasma is dangerous!

Captain Phasma is going to be a beast!

Rey is on the move!

The New Order is coming!

I think we all know that the First Order is coming!

It's true, all of it

Yes the Jedi, The Dark Side, its all true!

Tie Fighters are back!

These new Tie Fighters look amazing!

Epic Stormtrooper Battles!

Are the even hitting anything?

We all know Stormtroopers are horrible shots...

J.J. Abrams taking notes!

Harrison Ford is definitely the man to take suggestions from!

The Resistance attack!

I can't wait for the Resistance to go after the New Order!

It's raining, it's pouring, Kylo Ren is swarming!

Prepare for landing!

Han and Chewy are coming home!

I can't wait for these air battles!

The Millennium Falcon never looked so great!

Rey is riding a fridge!

Rey is a scavenger!

I wonder what Rey finds in this star destroyer?

X-Wings swooping down!

I don't think your laser blasters stand a change against an X-Wing!

These images are amazing!

I know all of us are continuing to get more and more excited every day for Star Wars: The Force Awakens! These pictures and covers just continue to hype of the movie more and more and I know that we won't be disappointed! May the hype be with you!


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