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SPOILER ALERT: The following post might reveal or might make you come closer to the conclusion of figuring out who is the Zoom

I must admit I was not a great fan of Flash before I started watching the Flash T V Series. Now the twist and turns and the plots and villains made me interested in writing about the latest villain in The Flash "ZOOM". Till the last episode we get to know that Zoom is from Earth 1 and he is much more fastest then The Flash.Also he is been trying to kill him. Now seeing all the latest episode it got me thinking who the Zoom might be?? So here are some possible people who can be Zoom.

  • Dr Harison Wells From Earth 2 or Parallel Earth

Images from Google Images
Images from Google Images

Well this might be the possibility as he was reverse flash in the season 1 of the series so there might be a reason that he can be a villain in Season 2.Who knows what might be going into his tiny little brain.

  • Eobard Thawne

Images from Google Images
Images from Google Images

So if everyone has forgot about Eobard Thawne this is the same man who took Dr Harison Wells place in Earth and who later became famous as Reverse Flash.So there might be a posiblilty that his evil counterpart might be in earth 2 or to speak the parallel Earth

  • Last but not the least it might be Black Flash.

Images from Google Images
Images from Google Images

According to the DC Comics Wikia The Black Flash is a supernatural agent who acts as the "Grim Reaper" for speedsters. So maybe the time for The Flash might have come.


Who do you think is Zoom in The Flash


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