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The Flash has always had an air of mystery to it, whether you were trying to figure out what Harrison Wells' intentions were or why Iris didn't love Barry. I was watching this week's episode of The Flash along with the rest of the season and it started raising some questions. So far, here are 8 unanswered questions from what we've seen of season 2:

Spoiler Warning: This Article Has Spoilers For The Latest Episode of Flash and Casting For Later In The Season

1. Who is Zoom?

This week's episode we got our first encounter between Zoom and Barry. Zoom is still relatively unknown to everyone. Not even Harrison Wells appears to know who this mysterious, demonic looking speedster is.

If you want the comic version, Zoom is Harrison Wells, the end. Just kidding. Zoom is a man known as Hunter Zolomon. Zolomon was injured and when he asked Wally West to change what happened to him Wally refused. Zolomon proceeded to attempt to use the cosmic treadmill and go back himself. When that went wrong he developed powers to manipulate time rather than connecting to the speed force.

Other theories have been laid out that Zoom is actually Barry from Earth-2. Their suits look somewhat alike so I can see where it might be coming from. If I was to make a list of who I think could be behind the mask then it would read as so:

  • Zolomon (obviously)
  • Barry Earth-2
  • Henry Allen
  • Daniel West as a gender opposite of Iris West instead of a new 52 brother
  • Evil Eddie Thawne (that'd be crazy right. Imagine how Iris would feel)
  • Crazy Bart Allen
  • Manifestation of the speed force.
  • A different character no one knows yet.

Out of these I think the coolest would be Eddie Thawne. They have been showing the Earth-2 alternates and Barry, Iris and Eddie are all nonexistent at this point in time. They're more than likely just not doing anything of interest but I do think it'd be an interesting idea and a cool way to bring the actor back. Which is weird because even though he seems like a good guy I never really liked the actor up there. I think I just like weird twists and making wild assumptions.

Zoom had weird claws like Daniel West appears to
Zoom had weird claws like Daniel West appears to

2. Why is Zoom faster than Barry?

At first glance it would seem that Zoom is just more experienced with his powers than Barry is. Jay Garrick taught Barry how to throw lightning, and Wells taught Barry how to create speed mirages so it would stand to reason that Zoom has been using his powers longer and more frequently than Barry has. Also other than Reverse Flash and time traveling, Barry has never had a significant challenge to his speed. The only thing truly holding him back appears to be himself.

Still, this may be another sign that points towards Hunter Zolomon as Zoom. Hunter Zolomon has the power of time manipulation rather than using the speed force. The world slows down while he is also moving at speeds equal to that of an olympic athlete. This allows him to achieve incredible speeds rivaling a more seasoned Barry Allen. It seems like they're going to need to out think Zoom rather than outrun him. The good thing is they have a whole team of heroes to come up with a plan. It would be nice though if Barry could do this one on his own and not need firestorm, Arrow, or Cpt. Cold if he's in a pinch.

3. Why is Zoom's suit black?

I'm going to go with style choice, "black = evil." Reverse Flash's suit was like half black too. Although I think an all yellow suit would have been cool. I also feel like it's a nod to the difference in Reverse Flash and Zoom. Reverse Flash hated Barry but he also had a high level of affection for him. He watched Barry grow up (knocked him down the stairs, helped save his life a number of times); Thawne also needed Barry to get back home. Thawne was just the reverse of Barry, evil instead of good, which is why his suit still had color to it. Zoom however has no such feelings toward Barry. He wants Barry dead or at least not fast anymore.

I think it is a pretty cool call back to the Black Flash with a hint of the Black Racer of new 52 thrown in. Both were the manifestation of death for the speedsters of DC and Zoom is hellbent on killing every other speedster on a highlander murder spree. There can be only one!

Black Racer left Black Flash right
Black Racer left Black Flash right

It's also worth noting that the character "the rival," who was Jay Garrick's speedster nemesis, also at times had blue lightning. He also is stated as wearing "a darker version of Jay Garrick's suit." I can't be absolutely sure with the scarce look at Zoom we've seen but he does seem like he might be wearing a darker version of Barry's suit. It would be cool if they took tips from this character towards their costume design. Especially since Zoom is originally a Jay Garrick villain in the TV show instead of Barry's. There's not really an indication that it's not "the rival" Edward Clariss with the name of Zoom instead of Hunter Zolomon though so it's still up in the air at this point.

4. Who (and where) is Iris' brother?

Keiynan Lonsdale was cast as Wallace Rudolph West for season 2 of Flash. A couple weeks ago it was revealed that Francine, Iris' mom, had a son shortly after leaving. All signs point directly at Wally West being Iris' brother instead of her nephew. I'm okay with that. The only problem is, if Francine left when Iris was four and had a child within 9 months, that would make him between 19 and 21. Assuming of course that Barry and Iris are around 24-25 right now. I can't imagine a 21 year old being okay with being called "Kid Flash", once again, assuming he actually gets powers.

I know how you guys feel about my theories but I'm going to throw one at you anyway. Well it's not really a theory as much as a thing I think is possible but not at all supported by any fact whatsoever. Although the whole time travel thing is "like so last season" and the new cool thing is multiverse theory, in the comics Bart Allen, Barry's grandson, travels back in time to save his life and learn to control his speed. I imagine Wally West could share the same storyline.

In the comics, Iris had a brother Rudy West and a sister Charlotte West and Rudy was the father of Wally. I think it may be entirely possible that this brother they're talking about is Rudy West and he may already have a young son at 21. Teen parents aren't anything new. Wally then comes from the future already with powers and in need of Barry's help for some reason or another. Maybe Barry can't beat Zoom on his own and ends up dying and Wally came back to save him, like Trunks in Dragon Ball Z. Three speedsters (with Jay) is a lot better than two.

This is all assuming he doesn't take the name impulse or inertia or some other age neutral name. Then again, Shawn Michaels goes by the name The Heartbreak Kid and he's like 50.

5. Why didn't the timeline change when Eobard disappeared?

If you remember, before Eobard disappeared, his face changed back to the original Eobard. This could mean that he never actually existed or he didn't take Harrison Wells' face. It was assumed that because of what happened with Eddie, the breach over the city opened up to swallow everything and everyone. However, that was explained as happening when Barry ran back in time rather than as a result of what Eddie did. My question is, if Eddie killing himself caused Eobard to disappear then why didn't everything Eobard did at the time revert back? Time travel is really tricky. It can be assumed that the universe merely corrected itself destroying Reverse Flash' existence but still keeping all he did intact.

6. Where exactly does Jay Garrick go and what's wrong with his powers?

For a guy from another Earth he sure does a good job of finding somewhere to go. Where is he most of the time? Is he homeless? Don't worry, I'm not suggesting that Jay Garrick is crazy and is actually Zoom, that would be silly. Or would it?

As for his powers, in the Flashpoint Paradox animated film, Reverse Flash kept running really fast so that Barry couldn't connect to the speed force and travel through time. At first I wondered if Jay Garrick couldn't connect to the speed force on Earth-1, but after seeing Zoom run through Earth-1, I believe it could actually be that he is severing his connection to the speed force. He just said that he came to Earth-1 and didn't have his speed anymore. It didn't seem like Zoom stripped him of his speed.

7. Why isn't Jay Garrick Dead or Barry's Identity revealed?

These two are together because it's more questioning the motivations of Zoom. Jay said he has never won against Zoom and Harry said that Jay always ran away from him. That's true but assuming they've been fighting for a while how come he's never killed him. Especially now since he doesn't have any powers and should be pretty easy to find. Does he only care about their powers?

Why did Zoom parade Barry around? Why didn't he just pull of the mask and show everybody who Barry was? He was going to kill Barry anyway, why did he feel the need to show off that he beat Barry without taking his mask off? It wasn't like he didn't personally know who Barry was or where he worked. Did he stab him in the gut to try to kill him or was he attempting to absorb his speed? Did he put on the whole show to try to intimidate all those who knew Barry's secret and cared for him?

8. Will we see any other Justice Society characters?

Many people believe that Aquaman was referenced in last week's episode of The Flash by Jay Garrick. However, he never mentioned a gender and only said a friend. I believe he was referring to Aquawoman instead. You guys should know by now I haven't read a whole lot of comics so this was by research rather than common knowledge.

Marellla - Aquawoman
Marellla - Aquawoman

Since Smallville featured the closest thing we'll get to the Justice League, I believe it'd be great if we could eventually assemble some of the main roster of the Justice Society. DC/CW can't use any characters that will show up in the DCEU but I can't imagine the Justice Society will be used anytime soon. We've seen Wildcat and they're currently working on Mister Terrific, so let's work on bringing in some big names from the Justice Society. It would be a dream come true if they could bring in Alan Scott's Green Lantern.

With the introduction of Damien Darhk and Constantine (Constantine should stay on Arrow for a while), we've been introduced to magic. Unless they turn to Zatanna or Zatara, the best place to go for magic would definitely be Doctor Fate as his helmet was shown in Constantine. It would be fantastic if Zatara did appear and had a similar storyline to his story in Young Justice where he becomes the host for Doctor Fate. Imagine Al Pratt's Atom teaming up with or teaching Ray Palmer so he doesn't need the metallic suit anymore and can be more agile.

Random Question: How Do They Go To The Bathroom In The Pipeline?

We learned they get Big Belly Burger to eat but what about the bathroom?

So far this season appears to be going off without a hitch. It's doing extremely well and still appears to be a fan favorite. I'm still hoping they bring King Shark back for a real fight and how awesome was it that there was a fictional naked Malese Jow running around. There are still plenty of questions that may never be answered, like why you don't see Barry eating all the time with his high metabolism. I know Snow made him that bar with a bunch of calories in it but does he have one on him at all times? Then there's questions that will probably be answered next episode, like what's wrong with Barry's legs. I'll definitely be watching to find out all these answers and more.

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