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To say a lot is going on in this season of The Walking Dead is putting it lightly. After three action packed episodes and FINALLY finding out what happened to Morgan, episode 6.05 "Now" was definitely a needed episode in terms of setting up new story arcs and bringing others together. With so many plots and subplots going on at the same time and focus jumping from one group to another, the producers are doing a great job at intertwining everything together.

However, it seems that my list of questions and curiosities is just increasing more and more with each passing week. Besides the big mystery on everyone's mind about Glenn, the new bomb that was dropped that Maggie is pregnant, and the roller coaster of a character that is Deanna, there are plenty of other side stories and subplots that are still left open ended. After everything that has happened thus far, here are some thoughts that are on my mind that not many others are discussing.

Is Spencer going to be a problem in Alexandria?

Episode 6.05 starts Spencer off on a high note for the viewers but slowly slips into the "untrustworthy" column. We first see him do the right thing by stopping some of the Alexandrians from raiding the pantry only to see him in his next scene the he did it himself.

We've seen time and time again that every action, either good, bad or neutral, has a consequence. Aaron leaves his bag at the food depot - the Wolves find it and launch an assault on Alexandria. Morgan let a group of Wolves live following the attack - they attempt to ambush Rick in the RV. So what will come of Spencer taking from the pantry and will this be a repeating action?

If he does become a repeat offender, maybe he will be caught by Rosita. She is the one member of the group who Spencer seems to have some sort of a connection with. Rosita has had success getting through to thick-headed men (Abraham and Eugene) and might know exactly what to snap him out of his current train of thought.

What will happen with the Wolf Morgan has locked up?

Episode 6.04 "Here's Not Here" gave TWD fans the answer we've been asking since season one: WHAT HAPPENED TO MORGAN?! Morgan has sporadically come in and out of the series with his one episode in season three "Clear" and his multiple solo sightings in season five. Our curiosity has been appeased now that we know the backstory as to what happened to Morgan between the two seasons. At the same time, the way that the producers did this, brings up another question.

Almost the entire episode was a flashback acting as Morgan telling his tale to the Wolf who he captures in episode 6.02 "JSS." Once Morgan finishes his story of how he adapted his new moral code that "all life is precious," the Wolf responds in a very.... well, here's the final scene for yourself:

Like I said in Spencer's section, every action has a consequence. Morgan's reluctance to kill has lead to plenty of problems already. And now that the Wolf has expressed desire to continue his mission at any cost, it's still debatable if Morgan will change his mind. There has been a theory circling that Carol will step in and dispose of the Wolf and maybe Morgan himself for putting the community in danger. Despite this, Rick has on more than one occasion taken responsibility for Morgan and the repercussions that have come with it. Is it possible that this will be the culmination of the Rick and Morgan relationship or will the Wolf problem find a way to resolve in a different manner?

What will people think of Carol after the Alexandria attack?

This past week we did not see much of Carol with her only appearance being at the beginning when Rick is addressing the town. But that could be just a nod as to how expertly she infiltrated Alexandria with her current undercover operation as what Chris Hardwick has labeled as "Suzie home-maker." Carol has a history of getting her hands dirty but in very secretive ways. Killing Karen and David inside the prison in attempts to stop the flu from spreading, shooting Lizzie after what she did to her sister Mika, and also her rescue mission on Terminus were all done with incredible stealth and precision.

However, Carol's current cover might be blown after the Wolves invaded Alexandria. Carol did wisely disguise herself as one of the wolves but later revealed herself to Olivia in order to save her life. Could Olivia accidentally tell others what she saw Carol do, or will she be able to keep her mouth shut to repay Carol for what she did? Or is it possible that other Alexandrians saw Carol in the middle of the craziness?

The pace of season six of The Walking Dead may be slowing down a bit, but that doesn't mean that the episodes have been getting worse. From what I can gather from the trailers and teasers for episode 6.06 "Always Accountable," it seems that we're in for an episode centered around Abraham, Sasha and Daryl and their ongoing mission. Looks like we're going to add even more questions to the ever-growing list! Leave a comment with any concepts and answers you might think will solve these problems!


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