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Over the last several months, websites, blogs, & social media have been saturated with news, rumors, images, & theories about the much anticipated movies Batman v Superman & Suicide Squad. Geeks like myself have discussed all the different possibilities regarding the storylines to both movies, how they tie in together, and whether Jason Todd is really Jared Leto's JOKER. This article however, is about the man who is at the helm of both projects, the one and only Zack Snyder.

The man, the myth, the legend. Zack Snyder will be the director responsible for bringing DC movies to the top of the box office, and from what the internet is reporting, Zack is going to break records when Batman v Superman hits the screens. So lets take a moment to list some cool things about this awesome force of nature and pay homage to the man who will make every DC comics fan's dreams come true.

1) Did you know?

Zack Snyder wrote and directed Frank Miller's 300, starring Gerard Butler. Yea, that famous "This is SPARTA!" line that came from the movie was his brainchild. He also wrote and produced the sequel 300: Rise of an Empire starring Eva Green, and hit the trifecta (writer/producer/director) with Sucker Punch.

2) Zack's a cheesehead!

He was born Zachary Edward Snyder on March 1, 1966 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. His mom was a painter and taught photography when he was young. Zack is a graduate of the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. He wasn't the only student there destined for movie greatness, his classmate was none other than Michael Bay.

3) Zack's wife is a major Hollywood powerhouse!

That's right, Zack is married to film producer Deborah Snyder since 1996. The movies she's helped her husband Zack bring to life should earn her a Starbucks gift card from every geek in the world.

(2007) 300, (2009) Watchmen, (2010) Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole, (2011) Sucker Punch, (2013) Man of Steel, (2014) 300: Rise of an Empire, (2016) Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, (2017) Wonder Woman, (2017) Justice League Part One, (2018) Aquaman, (2019) Justice League Part Two.

4) Zack has worked with his Airness!

Zack's first movie was directing NBA Hall of Famer and arguably the best player ever to grace the hardwood, MICHAEL JORDAN. The movie was Michael's feature film debut and was inspired by the Chicago Bulls legend.

5) Zack wrote a screenplay for the sequel to Dawn Of The Dead.

A sequel for the movie was in the works but was later cancelled. Zack Snyder said he would produce but not direct the sequel because he was working on Watchmen. The script was written by Zack Snyder and Joby Harold and filming for Army of the Dead was to start since studios had approved the script once they found a director. The film was to take place in Las Vegas, which had to be contained to stop the outbreak of zombies.

So there you go friends, a brief spotlight on the man responsible for so many great movies. Oh yea, once more thing! His son won't be playing Robin/Jason Todd in Batman v Superman. Till next time!

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