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For the past several years, Hollywood has been on a hard run to turn fantasy and sci-fi book series into movies. However, there are some series that should never, ever be movies. There are series that are too involved and intricate to be changed into just a movie or three to get the feel and scope of the series.

Here are three examples of some great sci-fi and fantasy series that should go to HBO, Showtime, or another cable TV channel for development.

The Lensman

This series began as a series of short stories by E.E. "Doc" Smith in 1934 in Amazing Stories magazine. Spanning centuries, species, civilizations, and six novels, this series would be a good amount of source material for premium series. Full of retro-future tech, intrigue, and romance, this wide spanning series is still being published and its concepts were the foundations for the Green Lantern Corps and the Jedi Knights.


A horror/sci-fi series by Brian Lumley, this thirteen novel series changed vampire mythology forever. Not content to stay on one world or lead character, Lumley gave us a reality that would need a series that could handle the adult nature and scope of the action, horror, and framework of Lumley's vision. Definitely a series for adults this fit in well with the late night formats for high concept series on cable.

C.S. Lewis's Space Trilogy

Although this series is a Christian fantasy series is by no means for children. Full of characters that are aspects of horror , faith, fear, and temptation, this series although only consisting of three novels is still detailed enough to have a scope and depth that a premium cable series could produce. Full of exotic worlds, dark laboratories, and angels of light these books would fill screens full of a world where questions of faith are asked and answered.


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