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Fans can expect a new trailer for Batman vs Superman to drop "pretty soon" after recent confirmation made by the film's producer. With that being said, us comic book fans are dying to see what the third and likely final trailer for the anticipated movie will reveal. There's plenty of things the new trailer could show us so let's take an educated guess on what we could possibly see. FYI - I already did an article like this before so consider this one more of an "updated" version.

Superman's Perspective.

We have gotten very little Superman so far in the trailers for Batman v Superman. What I mean by this is we haven't had a chance to look inside that little head of his and see how he feels about things. We all know how Batman feels about the situation going on in the film and Lex Luthor is well...Lex, but we haven't had a chance to see how Superman feels other than him being shown doing confused facial expressions and heroic actions and postures. It would be nice to see him talk about how he feels about what's been going on and where heis at emotionally since the events of Man of Steel. The narrative for Batman v Superman still revolves around Superman, let's not forget that.

More Batman Action.

The best part of the trailer for me and many Batman fans out there was the quick glimpses of Batman taking down those two thugs with force. That shot looked like the Batman we all grew up reading from the comic books. It would be greatly appreciated by us fans if they could show a little more Batman in action since they are pushing for more of the comic book feeling for this particular version. Give us a few more glimpses of how dangerous this Batman really is huh?

Quick New Wonder Woman Shots.

A few more Wonder Woman shots should suffice until the movie comes out. Maybe even some dialogue for Wonder Woman either talking to Bruce or maybe even possibly....the mystery villain.

Show a little more of Lex's role.

What exactly is Lex Luthor's role in the movie? So far, we have gotten very little info on what exactly Lex's role in the film is and how it ties into the narrative regarding Batman and Superman and the story as a whole. Us fans have a good idea of what it might be but no key information yet regarding the secrecy of the movie. The trailer should without a doubt show more Luthor as he seems to be the hidden enigma behind the events of BvS. Don't show too much though but provide fans a good idea of what to expect.

Hint of the Villain.

The mystery villain for this film is one of the most talked about things among fans. Internet theories and heavy rumors have dominated the web with fans taking sides on who they think is the villain. Now, I know alot of you might say "No let the villain be a surprise" but hear me out. Hint the villain in the next trailer without giving it away; hint at it to get fans losing their minds again and speculate some more giving more attention to this movie (not that it needs it). Hinting at it would be amazing.

Epic Music.

I know you are are probably looking at me funny asking for epic music when Hans Zimmer is scoring the movie. But don't you guys remember the Man of Steel trailer three music and how it sent chills down everyone's spine? Yeah, for what likely is the final trailer for Batman v Superman, have an epic score like that one where we see beautiful scenes combined with epic music getting you hyped for a movie of this caliber. Make the final trailer for this movie go out with a bang!

That final trailer (well hopefully) for Batman v Superman is fast approaching for us fans to pick apart and feast upon. Batman v Superman is no doubt the king of upcoming 2016 blockbusters and giving us die hard fans one last trailer to get us pumped up for the film will be a Christmas (or Thanksgiving) wish come true.

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