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Above is the trailer for next week's Gotham episode.

Riddle me this, riddle me that, who's afraid of the big black bat? Not quite yet this is the origin story of all the characters related to the batman story line. So speaking of which what is next for Gotham's Edward Nygma aka The "Riddler". Well in the trailer for the next episode of the show we see him in a green suit. This implies he will become the Riddler very shortly. But we don't see any question marks on the suit at all. This is an origin story so it has to progress. Anyway, Nygma was burying Ms. Kringle's body in the woods, then a hunter comes and Nygma knocks him out with a shovel. Then when he comes back to that spot he saw somebody ate his sandwich. Then, Nygma goes and follows footprints that lead to a trailer house. He then knocks on the door and out comes....Penguin who appears to be very injured (he did get shot so). This could mean that Nygma and Penguin will team up which in my opinion would be awesome!


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Penguin (left) Edward Nygma (right)
Penguin (left) Edward Nygma (right)

So what's next for them? I think they will help each other out. I think Riddler will help Penguin get revenge on Gallavan. And Penguin would do Ed a favor (I'm not sure yet). Anyway this is a start of a big crime team. So what now?

Question Mark and Nygma eh eh
Question Mark and Nygma eh eh

Well this team could go darker and start a killing spree like normal villains but i doubt that because they never really killed people unless they had to. Also Jerome might come back (I personally think he will be somehow knocked into a pit of acid and become Joker which would be awesome) and then Jerome could join this team. But i don't think Penguin, Riddler, and maybe Jerome would be the main villains. I think that the Court of Owls will come to Gotham. But also when Firefly was going down the hall in that Wayne enterprises place, you could see a guy with wings and a guy being frozen (Which could be Man-Bat and Mr. Freeze). But if all these people teamed up and Nygma was the brains of the operation, they would be unstoppable. However, I doubt all these people will team up but Man-Bat and Mr. Freeze are already pretty much confirmed and so is Dr. Hugo Strange. But Riddler has a lot of potential and there are a lot of ways they could turn with him. What do you think will happen though. Let me know in the comments below!

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