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Eduardo Lopez

Man of Steel was without a doubt an awful, terrifying, and abysmal attempt to make a Superman Movie. Zack Snyder’s 2013 film was a dark, depressing, violent, and confusing piece of Cinema, which aims to shock rather than entertain. Superman is supposed to be a character that lives in a bright, vibrant colored fictional world. The character of Superman stands as a symbol of hope, and an aspiration for humans to reach towards. He battles aliens, monsters, and defends truth and justice. Superman is not therefore, supposed to be a depressed, brooding, batman wannabe, who snaps the necks of his enemies.

When I watched this film in theaters I was in utter awe. Not only was the film both lazily written, with its pacing and character development, but it was also pretentious at the same time. The film was in no way subtle, when it tried to convince you that Superman was essentially space Jesus. That combined with a bleak and dark color palate, had me wondering if I was watching another Sin City movie.

Unfortunately, Man of Steel happened and made a ton of money, despite receiving mixed reviews. Why Can’t DC capture the magic and love that Marvel seems to put into their films? It’s infuriating when you have to compare films like Man of Steel to Winter Soldier or Avengers, and discover just how far behind DC is. However, all is not lost. DC still manages to release wonderful animated movies, which don’t make as much money, but still keep true to their source material.

Man of Steel may have unfortunately been smashed into the windshield of history, but there is still a way to save Superman. I propose a film to replace Man of Steel, and breathe fresh air into the DCU. The film would be called Superman: Man of Steel! This new Superman film needs to be a definitive version of the greatest super hero ever. He needs to be heroic, charming, smart, and above all cool. In order to appease both older and newer fans, the film would need to follow the new 52 version of the character, as well as character traits from the classic version.

The Plot

Firstly, the plot of Superman: Man of Steel, like most origin stories, would begin at the beginning. The first part of the movie would follow Superman’s journey from boy to man, as he starts to discover his powers and purpose in life. The second part of the film, focuses on Superman becoming Clark Kent and dawning the responsibility as a Hero. Lastly, the end of the movie deals with Superman’s conflict with the evil Lex Luthor, resulting in a never before seen battle, between Luthor’s Lexosuit and Superman. The film would have everything you would need in a great blockbuster movie; action, romance, excitement, suspense, and humor. Humor would be extremely important because it’s been sorely lacking in most DC projects.


Superman: Man of Steel, if done correctly, would not only be a love letter to Superman Fans, but would completely erase Zack Snyder’s blunder of a movie. If you are like me and want DC movies that entertain and challenge you, then Superman: Man of Steel is for you.


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