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Within the far reaches of the planet known as Battleworld, God Doom has worked his wonders to ensure that there is peace in the world. But, to get that peace he has created the ultimate lie about how he is truly the God of everything. But, slowly the plans have been seeded in the minds of everyone on the planet that Doom is not a God, but is merely a man with the powers to have people see him as a God. When this happens, what choice do the people have but to revolt. This issue marks the stages that are being created for the eventual downfall of Doom.

What makes this issue interesting is that it is strongly implied that this is not the first time such a revolt has occured. As Valaria says in the issue, "this time is different", and Doom sums it up with the words "I am being betrayed....again.". In the past, Doom was able to just wave his hand and make everything go back to the way that it was. But now, with the pieces on the board being played by characters and heroes that he knows are from his own reality, he sees defeat as imminent. Slowly, all the noble characters that once looked up to him as a God are seeing him as weak. Now is the time to strike. Hickman created this issue originally as a huge 48 page giant, but due to delays, this issue is now separated into two equal parts, with the next issue coming out in two weeks. Some people are disappointed in this saga because of the constant delays and the notion that we have seen what comes next. For me, it adds to the intrigue. The last two parts were slow and just added to the story of Battleworld. This issue, even though not much truly happens, sets the stage for what is coming next issue(and the final chapter in December). Secret Wars #7 may not be perfect, but it is a vast improvement over some of the lackluster previous installments. Though the All-New All-Different universe that Secret Wars spawned is starting to make its debut across the whole line, Secret Wars #7 shows that the story that got us there still has some surprises still up its sleeve. While the jury is still out over whether Jonathan Hickman, Esad Ribic, and Ive Svorcina will stick the landing, Secret Wars #7 shows that at least for now, this event has its feet firmly planted underneath itself. A vast improvement over the last two parts, and I am hoping that delays don't take away from the momentum that this issue had. I give this chapter a 8 out of 10.


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