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Recently, on, 'Save Constantine' was started. To reach its next goal it needs 50,000 signatures. They have 39,000 as of now and are growing.

Many people loved the old NBC show, including me. But, one thing I have to say is that I'm glad it was cancelled -- but wait! I have a good reason. If this show had never been cancelled, it would be on Season 2 right now. While I would have loved that, if the show hadn't been cancelled then it most likely wouldn't have crossed over with the Arrowverse.

Don't get me wrong, I love this show and it's one of the best shows I've ever seen. But the show should've been apart of the Arrowverse. I'm hoping that 'Save Constantine' on will make a difference, so that this show can get a Season 2, whether it's on The CW or Netflix.

Here I'm going to give a couple of reasons why this show should come back.

1. Crossover Potential

One of my hopes, if Constantine doesn't get a Season 2, is that the title character goes to the Arrow spin-off Legends of Tomorrow. But if it does get a Season 2, then there is so much potential for crossovers. Right now, the official Arrowverse consists of Arrow, the Flash, Constantine, Vixen, and the soon-to-be Legends of Tomorrow. So, Constantine could crossover with any of these shows. What if Constantine met the Legends of Tomorrow? Wouldn't that be a great crossover?

2. New Ratings

The Constantine TV series did not have super great ratings. Arrow was a much more popular show at the time, and it was the show that resurrected the character of Constantine. Arrow has many viewers and so does The Flash. If Constantine is brought back, maybe on The CW, then it might get higher ratings.

3. The Show Was Actually Good

I'm am not 100% clear on why this show was cancelled in the first place. When you look at the ratings, it actually had higher ratings than Arrow and sometimes more than The Flash. This was a great show that needs to come back. There was a great cast of characters, great storytelling, and special effects. The show might have been on the wrong channel, but I hope someone brings it back in some kind of capacity.

Recently, I saw a comment on an article about Constantine on Arrow, and this person had a great idea: What if Constantine re-runs started playing on The CW on Friday nights, during the winter break? When Arrow and The Flash are on break, Constantine can play (kind of like Agent Carter playing during Agents of SHIELD for Marvel). But I've added on to this idea: When all of the DC TV shows return, Constantine episode 14 can air. On Mondays we would get Supergirl and Gotham; on Tuesdays we get The Flash, on Wednesdays we would get Arrow, on Thursdays we could get Legends of Tomorrow, and on Friday nights we would get Constantine. After all the shows are done, and the 2016-2017 year starts, we could get Season 2 on the CW on the same week Arrow and The Flash come back.

Do you like my ideas? Do you want Constantine to return? Please, let me know!


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