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In the past, there was always a reason for the formation of a group of superheroes. Maybe, it was to combat Loki. Maybe, it was to stop a massive criminal breakout at Ryker's Island. Maybe, it was to show the world that the heroes will always still be there for them. Or maybe, it was because the heroes needed to show the world that there is still some good inside of them. Mark Waid(Flash, Kingdom Come) takes the reigns of creating a new superhero team, but this time, something is quite different about them. Instead of a team of well established heroes who have saved the worlds themselves on numerous occasions, he has a team of heroes where half of them are still in high school. This is the all new, all different Avengers.

Waid does an amazing job of bringing us right into to the story, but still finding ways to show us the personality that each character has. He also has a way of showing us that this is a different Marvel universe, where Tony Stark is broke and many heroes we know and love are not looked at very brightly in the public eye. Sure, the team is not formed by the end of the first issue, but that's not a problem. Adam Kubert takes the helm of drawing all the heroes that are present in the book, and his art as always is amazing. The first foe these heroes must take on is a continuation of a Nova villain(so, read Nova #31 before you read this issue) that was just defeated. Now, of course that is a positive and a negative, as many readers probably have not read the Nova comic. But, as Waid is known to do, he will delve deeply into not just the hero aspect of the comic, but also the human aspect of the characters. He is famous for doing that in a number of his other comics, with amazing results. The other Avengers books that have hit the shelves in the past month has been hit with mixed results. This issue on the other hand has some amazing potential, and it shows in the aspect that I am eagerly awaiting the next installment. I give this comic a 8 out of 10. In Waid we trust.


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