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In the season finale of the the first season of The Flash, we saw Barry and Eobard in a fight to the death. The fight progressed and it looked like Eobard was going to kill Barry. Eddie Thawne, seeing only one way to stop Eobard from killing Barry ( and everyone else), sacrificed himself to stop Eobard. This caused Eobard to be erased from existence. But more importantly, Eobard was erased from Earth 1, and many thought, that that would be the last time we would see the yellow suit and the man in yellow.

But I don't think it was the last time, and that we will see the reverse flash again. I am fairly sure, his return will be this season. My whole theory goes back to the episode, "The Man in the Yellow Suit", where the Reverse Flash fights Barry in the stadium .

While they're fighting, flashing red and blue lightning can be seen in the background.

The lightning can first be seen at 0:56. When I first saw it, I couldn't really understand what it was. It was really clear that the lightning was blue and red.

At first, I thought the blue lightning was cobalt blue fighting the reverse flash, and I also thought it would occur in the first season. It was just a guess because I assumed Eddie Thawne would realign with Malcolm Thawne's comic book history. It now seems that the blue lightning does not correspond to cobalt blue and may in fact be the speed demon, Zoom. But who does the red lightning belong to?

I believe it is the Reverse Flash from Earth 2.

The Reverse Flash and his red lightning
The Reverse Flash and his red lightning

Right now, this is a working theory, and I'm not sure who the man in the yellow suit could actually be. These are the possibilities(interestingly enough, these are almost identical to the possibilities for the identity of zoom aswell):

Earth - 2 Eobard Thawne

This seems the most likely since we it would be a great way to make us associate the Reverse Flash with someone other than Harrison Wells. This makes a lot of sense since we haven't seen much of Eobard without Wells. What I mean by that is, when Eobard "copied" Wells' body, a bit of Wells "remained" in him. It was revealed by the EP after it was revealed who Harrison Wells really was. So the personality of the man who died, was a mix of mostly Eobard and little Harrison. Using Earth-2 Eobard Thawne could introduce us to a character, who we don't know much about yet. A theory of why they could be fighting, is because they both want to kill Barry or Jay? or Zoom wants to kill Eobard, because he is another speedster?

Earth -2 The Rival

This also seems like a likely possibility. This is because the Rival is Edward Clariss, who tried to recreate the setting with which Jay Garrick got his powers. It eventually ended with him getting super speed and becoming a villain. He is the nemesis to Jay Garrick and would fit into the story nicely. A villain and a hero joining forces to defeat a common enemy? Sounds like a good story(what I wish they did with Slade and Oliver). They still have plenty of time to introduce a new character, so this theory is fair game

Earth - 2 Barry Allen

This seems like it could be too obvious. Oh flash on Earth-1 and reverse flash on Earth-2? I don't like it to be honest, and have nothing more to say on it

Earth - 2 Daniel West

This would be interesting since, Daniel West is a Reverse Flash in the comics. They are also introducing Wally West into the show, and I think this could fit nicely. So on Earth-2, Joe West isn't the Joe West we know and love, but an alcoholic and maybe abusive to his children. This causes Daniel West to push him down a staircase and cripple him. Daniel, now knowing Iris looks at him differently, leaves and makes a series of bad choices, which leads him to becoming the Reverse Flash. He watches Zoom terrorize the city etc and then Iris from Earth-1 gets to him, and fights him, leading to this scene in the stadium.

Earth - 2 Harrison Wells

I never considered this one because well he is powerless, but after seeing the NZ promo, my thoughts have changed. He is interested in beating Zoom and is interested in speed, so it would be advantageous for him to recreate the accident that gave Barry his powers or Zoom his powers, and become a speedster. However, in the promo for next episode, I don't believe he will have powers and is probably just faking being the Reverse Flash

This whole Zoom identity and this (potential) Reverse Flash identity, is very interesting and seems to work to the show's advantage of surprise and keeping the viewers involved and interested. It worked well last season, and the fact that they revealed who the Reverse Flash was early on, made it even better imo. Whatever happens, this season is already geared up to being as awesome as the last one. If you liked this article, I'll be releasing another one about Zoom and who could be under the mask.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it!


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