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While I've been a fan of the X-Men since I was five, and I've watched many changes take place over time until 2000, I do kind of wonder if the idea of having Cable in an X-Men movie would actually be a good idea. No disrespect meant to lifelong fans--or for that matter, recent converts--but the whole time-traveling gig has been done to death in recent years and even if not so much in recent movies. While it might promise to be fun, (the word PROMISE being the operative one there), for those who may be uninitiated into the comics universe could be thrown for a major loop and not understand WHAT the hell is going on. This could be a problem, with such evidence to be entered as the most recent Terminator movie, Genisys. So many things were taking place in that movie, that I was unable to keep up with the majority of it, because of such lightning-fast story changes that I felt like a sci-fi flick rookie! Yes, it is THAT CONFUSING!

However, back to the topic, it would be nice to see Psylocke finally appear, as we're shown in the rather teasing pics that are no guarantee to be attached to the official movie. Cable has always been more of a time-traveling pain in the ass than an actual X-Man, and possibly more trouble than he's worth to have in a movie, let alone in the comics. Even though he's Jean and Scott's son--Wow! How do YOU spell adopted??--he also did a lot more damage in the X-Men universe than good or help. For that matter, Bishop was more useful than Cable, and he wasn't anywhere near as scheming or back-stabbing as Cable. Of course, this is only me saying this, just two cents that may or may not matter to anyone, and that's ok with me either way. But I am hoping that Marvel isn't accidentally painting itself into a corner it can't get out of by going in this direction. If they do, how are they going to make amends for it in the end?

There is also the question of actually killing off the great Wolverine: what kind of response can anyone imagine would be triggered by such a thing? We're not talking about some low-level supporting character that nobody could care less about, we're talking about the one and only Wolverine himself. The big dog, if you will! (Ok, I know I'm gonna catch hell for that one already!) But come on, you know what I mean! He is one of the oldest characters in the comics, and not only that but also one of the most time-honored, like Iron Man or Thor. And who does NOT know who those guys are?!

There is a valid point to be made by suggesting something like this, probably that nothing lasts forever, but when you're dealing with someone like Logan, you want to be sure you know what you're doing, know HOW to write it so that it isn't a slap in the face to the fans. And HOW would you go about doing it?? This can only be answered by those who are bold enough to write such a thing, and it would be a sad time for Marvel fans everywhere. And with his mutant healing factor, Wolverine is already what, possibly two hundred years old? And a character like him isn't really meant to die, just keep going, quite possibly suffer more, fight more, go through more than his fellow X-Men and loved ones can ever imagine--pretty handy, when you can outlive everyone else. (Just saying, man, don't get snippy now.) But IF his end were actually to be written and filmed, a person can only wonder what an impression it would leave on the fans. It's possible it might not be good.

-Cody Marmon


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