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Jamil Wright

Spoiler Alert...

So, if you've seen the latest episode of The Flash, you may or may not have caught that Robert Queen/Green Arrow reference. If you did then that's great! But what does this mean? Could we possibly in the future see a Robert Queen Green Arrow? Well, here are 2 major reasons why this may happen.

1. Zoom

So the first reason I think we may see Robert Queen as the Arrow is because of Zoom. Now, if you remember that epic finale from the last episode, you know how powerful Zoom is.

So obviously the Flash is going to need some help much like he did with the Reverse Flash.

But, this time could we see Robert Queen instead of Oliver Queen since this version of Arrow is from Earth 2 just like Zoom is?

2. Father/Son Team up

And finally, what about a Father/Son team up? Would be cool right? In the fight against Reverse Flash, Barry had help from Oliver and Firestorm. Could 2 Green Arrows replace Firestorm? Think about if Oliver got to meet his father again? That would be cool and emotional and I'm sure the fans would love it!

What do you think?


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