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Every now and then, a movie comes a long and you think "why, why would someone fund such a terrible move?" Well, this movie takes the cake in wondering why anyone would give someone cash to produce this film. For the record, I'd like to say that I didn't get past the first 30 minutes of the movie. This is because it included the sexual abuse of a female secretary and constant racial slurs all for laughs.

The two main actors of the film are simply actors who previously starred in part I and II indicating that no one else wanted to take part in this atrocious film. The actor who plays the warden often over does his facial expressions while yelling unintelligible things. I'm sure the rest of the film had even worst and more degrading material to offer, but 30 minutes of it was enough for me. As open minded as I am (and I try to find the good in any movie) this film just had nothing to offer, but a wave nausea. Sure, I saw it as part of my Netflix subscription, but that's still precious streaming time I will never get back.

The first film, as sick as it was, still tried to be a somewhat serious horror film. By the time the second film was released, the series was over. The second film was clearly only made to shock and gross people out. I didn't get to the end of this one either so, why did I even try the third one?

Can't say. I guess I thought it be campy, but still somewhat entertaining. Sadly, I can't recommend this film that sets out more to degrade and waste time than entertain, to anyone.


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