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The Flash episode "Enter Zoom" had lots of easter eggs and references! Spoiler warning if you haven't seen the latest episode of The Flash!

Jesse Quick

First of all we hear the name "Jesse Quick" or at least that is what Harrison Wells or "Harry" as Cisco calls him, calls his daughter. Now this is on Earth-2 so she might be a speedster and might not be! But still this is a big reference to her. If she had superpowers on the show i wouldn't be surprised.

Robert Queen

We hear in the episode that Robert Queen is confirmed to be the "Arrow" and his son Oliver died on the island. We know for a fact this didn't happen so this has to be Robert Queen from Earth-2.

Channel 52

Channel 52 news again. This is a direct reference to DC's recent series The New 52

Too much food

Linda says she cooked and made to much food when she was nervous. Probably a good thing for the fastest man alive since he has to eat so much!

Terminal Velocity

In the Flash we hear terminal velocity about fighting zoom in mid-air. This is a reference to the Flash comic line there was called Terminal Velocity The Flash.

Well this concludes all the easter eggs and references I found in this episode! Got any more, let me know what I missed in the comments below.

-Lex Munn


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