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Shane Hanna

Who is he? What is his end goal? What is his beef with Harry of Earth-2?

In last nights [The Flash](tag:1068303) we might have gotten more clues than we originally thought. Zoom is an enigma but we might already know who he is. A pattern of clues, when followed lead to Zoom only being one man......


At first I thought Barry from Earth-2 was Zoom, clever writing and subtle hints pointed towards this. For example, a couple episodes back, Barry and Joe were talking about how Barry turned out the way he did because of Joe's guidance. Barry says to Joe ''could you imagine how I would have turned out if it was not for you?'', to me, this was a clear indication that Zoom was Barry. We know Zoom is an obsessive person. He obsesses over speed similarly to Barry obsessives over finding his mother's killer. Zoom's suit also looks likes a morphed Flash suit. With all these hints, could Earth-2 Barry really be Zoom? But then the more I though about it, Zoom could not be Earth-2 Barry because physically they are too different. Zoom is bigger then Barry, like, much bigger.

Look at the picture below, Zoom's eyes are similar to Barry's, but the structure of Zoom's eye ridge is very different.

Some might say the makeup alters the shape of his eye. However, while it would alter it to an extent, it could not be this different. So, in my opinion, Zoom is not Earth-2 Barry. But if it isn't Barry, then who is Zoom?

While it might not be Barry Allen, another Allen might well be Zoom. To be more precise, Henry Allen.

Yep, Barry's dad Henry from Earth-2 is Zoom. My theory/prediction of what is to happen to Zoom is as follows: Earth-2 Barry died being a hero, while saving his fathers life. We also know the particle accelerator blew up on Earth-2. Barry saved Henry from most of the explosion. Hence this line from last night:

But the dark matter may have still been enough to transform Henry into Zoom. Grieving over his sons death, he went after the man responsible, Harrison Wells. But every time Jay Garrick stopped him .

But the events of the season 1 finale happened, and Jay is no longer part of the equation. Zoom goes after Wells by hurting him were it hurts the most. His daughter. Zoom becomes speed hungry, needing more speed to ensure that his plan works and to make sure that no speedster alive can stop him. But just what is his plan? If I had to guess (and I do), I'd say Zoom wants two things to hurt Wells as much as Wells hurt him, and wants to prove a point. In his eyes, heroes are always the reason a villain is born. Barry died being a hero, and then Zoom was born. Zoom wants to prove that heroes like Flash are the reason why villains exist. He is not entirely wrong. Barry saving the day (with Firestorms help) at the end of season 1 caused the death of Firestorm, and the arrival of many new villains. A hero died, so the villain(s) arrived.

From what we know of Henry on Earth-1, he has a similar ideology. We know this from the talks he has with Barry. His message is to be careful, and that he does not owe any one anything. Henry does not and never wanted Barry to be a hero, much like Zoom.

If you still don't believe me, look at the picture below:

Zoom and Henry have a nearly identical eye ridges. Both men have nearly identical shapes of head. Their shoulders are nearly the same width, and both have the same overall physical shape. Both men are about the same size. We know Henry is bigger than Barry, and physically both men seem to be one and the same. Its no coincidence either, they are the same person.

Henry from Earth-2 is Zoom. He wants to get back at Wells while proving his point. Heroes die. (mic drop).



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