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It's recently been released that season 5, Hotel, of American Horror Story has some of the lowest ratings ever, but if you look at a Facebook post, die-hard fans are still complaining about the show while tuning in week after week to watch it. That's because even at its worst, there's something about American Horror that keeps us coming back for more. Here are the emotional states every American Horror Story fan goes through while watching an episode:

You're amazed at the beginning of each episode because no matter how bad the episode is, the costumes and set pieces are always on point.

At some point in the episode you're always a little disgusted by the show as they manage to sneak in some hyper sexual or overly violent sequence that really didn't need to be in there in the first place.

But then, they always sneak in some over the top plot twist that you didn't see coming and makes you forgive them for their over the top nature.

At some point, whether you're a guy or a girl, you're usually swooning over some drool worthy character in the show. You even find yourself praying there's a nude scene with them coming up soon!

Then, before you know it, the episode is over and what you saw is completely ridiculous. You go online and complain about how none of it made sense to your friends but you'll be back to watch it next week!


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