ByJane Berry, writer at

You can ask a bunch of people, who's your favorite superhero? Most might say, superman, or maybe spider man, batman. But none of those superheros compare to the flash.

Every superhero needs a good superpower, or else what good is he/she? Take Spider man for instance. Sure, he's cool, and cute (Who doesn't love Andrew Garfield?) but what would he be without his spidey abilities? And Batman, he might not have any superpowers, but he sure knows how to kick some ass. Of course, Batman wouldn't be able to kick ass without his awesome gadgets. Now we come back to the flash. How amazing is his superhero ability? Super speed. Incredible. Imagine running so fast, that everything around you becomes slow. How amazing would that be? You could do almost anything with it. If you forget your homework at home, you can just speed home and back to school in a blink of an eye. Cool right? Flash seems cool so far right?

Color of the costume. It may seem unimportant, but a superhero's costume color is actually pretty important. If your fight at night a lot, you wouldn't want to wear a neon pink tracksuit. The color also can effect their superhero name. For example, the green arrow. Pretty cool name. But what if he wore nothing but blue? The blue arrow? Yuck! No one wants that. The flash's nickname is also the scarlet speedster. What if instead of red, his suit was orange, would people call him the topaz speedster? Doesn't quite flow does it? And who doesn't love red? It's an amazing color.
Now, i could go on and on and ON about how amazing the flash is, but who has the time? I sure don't. If you want to see for yourself how amazing the flash is, go and buy comic books online, or watch CW's the flash (Netflix). Let this amazing, charming scarlet speedster race his way into your life.


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