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I love television. I mean I really love television. Probably watch it way more than I should. Even more than TV, I love relationships; so you put those two together (with a good story) and you've got a fan in me.

10. Olivia Pope and Pres. Fitzgerald Grant - Scandal

I love Scandal and this would be higher on my list as I love these two together but last week has changed my mind a bit about Olivia. Olivia doesn't know what she wants, but she does know that she wants power. She calls her ex boyfriend anytime she has issues with her current boyfriend because she's too closed off to make any friends she can actually tell her personal life to. I get the whole she loves Jake but she's in love with Fitz but she makes it seem like at any moment she'll leave Fitz and run back to Jake.

Still she and Fitz are a lovely couple. When they weren't together they longed for each other more than anything. When they were together, in secret, they were happy. Their relationship has survived a lot of hardships and I'll always be rooting for them. Olitz is real, it's not sugarcoated madly in love and as long as we have love everything else doesn't matter. It's not some fairytale, they look into the abyss on a daily basis just in order to love each other.

Favorite Moments: The "I Can't Get You" scene in the bunker and the phone sex scene.

9. Barry Allen and Patty Spivot - The Flash

I couldn't possibly love these two more. Patty is all blond, adorable, awkward and bubbly and Barry is all awkward, adorable and mildly brooding. They're relatively new so I don't have a whole lot to say about them yet but let's hope they survive for a long time.

Favorite Moment: Their "blind date" when Patty discovers just how blind Barry really is. But he can still feel *wink*.

8. Gretchen and Jimmy - You're The Worst

These two are pretty great. They love each other, they won't admit it and they don't quite understand why, but they love each other so much. The first time these two get together, under the assumption that their time together is a one night stand, they delve into important conversation where they're completely open and honest with one another. They're so repulsed by all the things that constitute a normal functioning relationship that they can't even admit they do indeed crave those things. They're both really horrible people yet they're so lovable. Everyone really has someone out there they're perfect for.

Favorite Moments: The movie theater scene when someone shushes them and they go off on him. The scene where she moves in and a la The Graduate, they both immediately begin to wonder if they made the right decision and question where their lives are headed.

7. Glenn and Maggie - The Walking Dead

He'll never be dead to me. Even if someone comes and beats his brains in. In the comics, though Maggie has a pretty stubborn suitor, she's still very much loyal to the memory of Glenn. In the tv show she's the same way. Every time Glenn has been in a bad way with Walkers nipping at his ankles, he has fought to make it home to Maggie.

Maggie has followed the campsite rule of dating, though I doubt she's older. After coming into Glenn's life she has made him stronger, more confident and a generally happier person. Glenn has helped Maggie through the loss of everyone she held dear and made sure she didn't fall apart. He has been her rock, staying strong throughout all the adversity they've faced.

Favorite Moments: When they reunite after the prison and when they tell Noah he's family.

6. Leonard and Penny (Lenny) - The Big Bang Theory

Lenny > Shamy. Penny's not a great girlfriend anymore. At this point she's gone the road of completely dead inside character who's just going through the usual motions. She was pretty vibrant early on. There's this new call for a more sarcastic and mean spirited brand of comedy and I have a feeling that's part of the reason for the change. I don't blame Kaley Cuoco for it, I don't feel she was responsible for it. The thing is popular shows like Community are popular for their sarcastic wit and humor because the rude, insensitive, sarcastic guy always comes around in the end, but somehow we've assumed that all pretty girls are inherently rude so females get a pass.

Still, Lenny's love is a love for the ages. This on again off again relationship was the main reason I loved this show, because Leonard and Penny had general chemistry. You could tell that despite their differences, Leonard wasn't in love with Penny because of her beauty but because of who she was. Despite the fact that they have very little in common they just love to be close to each other. They accept each other's flaws and all. If they break up a million times they'll get together a million and one.

Favorite Moments: The first "I love you", Penny missing Leonard while he's on the ship and the proposal.

P.S. I wrote an ending for TBBT. You can read it here.

5. Nomi Marks and Amanita - Sense8

I don't have a whole lot to say about these two even though I should because they're awesome. Amanita is deathly loyal to Nomi; like ride or die forever. I thought that was amazing. The great thing about Sense8 was that it didn't show unnecessary relationship problems. It wouldn't have been essential to the story, but that's never stopped anyone before, especially me. I'm glad the makers of Sense8 were able to resist adding the extra fat of unneeded love issues.

Nomi and Amanita were very much in love with each other through out all the issues that they had to go through. It was Nomi's family that caused the fractures in her life. Amanita risked life and limb multiple times to keep Nomi safe and no matter what Nomi was getting herself into, Amanita was right there beside her to take on the world.

Favorite Moment: The Hospital Fire

4. April Kepner and Jackson Avery - Grey's Anatomy

I don't care they're threatening divorce I still really liked this pairing. There were better couples that broke down for reasons, Callie and Arizona I miss the most, and definitely can't stop feeling sad about Meredith and Derek. Kepner and Avery are my last hopes which is fine because I've always liked them together. Honestly I've seen people pair up Avery with a bunch of different women, even Arizona (you guys know she's like for real gay right? no bi there) but he and April have always had this natural chemistry to me. I liked him with Stephanie, hated her with whatever that guy's name was but I always felt these two looked good together.

Then things happened with their kid and it broke my heart. We've seen our fair share of babies not make it in this show, but something about a girl who was such a devout Christian losing her child was rough. Then she peaced out, flew the coop and all that jazz. I tend to run away from my problems too. I think they're going to make it for the long haul though even if Finn won't leave. Avery will come around.

Favorite Moment; April saying she won't give up.

3. Temperance Brennan and Seeley Booth- Bones

Angela and Jack Hodgins are beautiful together, Finn and Michelle were too, even Arastoo and Cam, but none can top the original OTP of Bones. Bones fans waited forever for Booth and Brennan to finally get together. After the constant sexual tension and the admittedly beautiful and interesting girl Hannah that Seeley was dating, the two finally slept together and made baby Christine whose not so much a baby anymore.

I always wonder if this couple wasn't supposed to actually be a couple and if it was just fans wanting them to get together. I have to admit I didn't see anything that hinted at a relationship between the two until it was brought up in season 4. It's been a while since I watched from the beginning though so there may have been a lot I wasn't picking up on with my juvenile brain. This couple has been fiercely loyal and despite everything they still trust each other. There have been quite a few obstacles in their way but they were able to surmount them. This couple definitely shows that the truest loves are built with a good friendship as their foundation. There is no such thing as the friendzone, if you're meant to be together you will but until then date around and stop being a love puppy.

Favorite Moment: The Carnival Knife Toss

2. Penny and Gumball - Amazing World of Gumball

I used the word adorable earlier for Patty and Barry, and I stand by it, but Penny and Gumball's relationship is so adorably sweet it'll give you the "diabeetus". Gumball is lovably simple, and messes everything up that he touches. He is constantly getting everything wrong and he overthinks everything. Still, Penny accepts him for who he is and cares about him. She completely understands him and can't possibly stay mad at him. Penny doesn't misunderstand the things he does and is extremely loyal to him.

In the same way Gumball is very accepting of everything for Penny. He immediately doesn't care about what's under her shell because he cares about her. I wouldn't call it love because they're children but there are some adults who claim to be in love that could take a lesson from these two.

Favorite Moments: Episodes The Flower and The Shell

1. Garnet - Steven Universe

You know how people like to put two people's names together to make them a couple like Brangelina or Kimye? Well you don't have to do that for Garnet because she is a mixture of two people. Ruby and Sapphire's love is so strong that they can't bare to physically be apart and choose to remain together as one person. Two souls intertwined. Garnet is the personification of a marriage. If that's not the purest sense of love I don't know what is.

Favorite Moment: This scene shown above.

5 Honorable (non-official couple) Mentions

Fitzsimmons - Agents of Shield

Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne - Gotham

Connie and Steven - Steven Universe

Matt Murdock and Claire Temple - Marvel's Daredevil

Ichabod and Abbie - Sleepy Hollow

dump your wife and love Abbie love her!!
dump your wife and love Abbie love her!!

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