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Originally from my blog "Simba's Pride News"

Well there's a new Kiara clip and I'm having some one what mixed feelings about Kiara's portrayal, but I'll not discuss them and focus on the clip's content.

I starts with Simba telling Kiara about her place as queen,

when Bunga and Kion burst in playing baobab ball. This annoys both Simba and Kiara.

Simba informs them Kiara is going to hunt gazelle with her friends. Proudly Kiara starts to explain she's future queen, but Kion insists he knows all about it. Kiara tells him that she has a role as queen, but condescendingly asks what he'll grow up to be. Kion smirks and tells her that he'll be happy, before Simba splits them up.

Next week will be the premiere of The Lion Guard. Hopefully in the mean time we'll get some more clips too!


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