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In the most recent episode of The Flash, Earth 2's Wells (known as "Harry") reveals to the STAR Labs team that his daughter (Jesse Quick) is his life and Zoom has her, which is why he needs to take him down. But I believe there's something more that he's hiding. What is his connection to Zoom? Let's delve into that with this theory which basically suggests the idea that:

Jesse Quick Is Not Harry's Daughter

My reasoning behind this being:

1. Harry's similarities with Harrison Wells (the one from Earth 1), specifically the Wells that was under the possession of Eobard Thawne. While one is evil, one is just an awful person, but they do have similarities in their personalities. One could suggest that Harry has the same adoptive qualities of Earth 1 Wells. In Season 1 of The Flash, Harrison Wells took on Barry as a son of sorts and treated Cisco like his son, expressing actual remorse before he killed him in the erased timeline. Assuming that this is a treat that the two Wells share, then we can also assume that maybe Jesse Quick is Harry's adopted daughter.

2. Harry makes a point about calling his daughter "Jesse Quick" instead of "Jesse" or "Jesse Wells". There's definitely more to her than meets the eye.

So What's The Connection With Zoom?

I previously mentioned HERE who I thought Zoom was, so I thought I'd expand on that. Basically, my theory was that Zoom is Johnny Quick. Whether he's from Earth 3 or Earth 2, I believe he had a daughter and Harry managed to procure the daughter in some way. Zoom (Johnny Quick) is angry at this. Maybe he's a previous lover of Tess Morgan and they had a kid until she left him for Harry. Harry and Tess then raised the child. The thing is, without the Reverse Flash, Tess might not have died. So maybe Harry just adopts the girl without Tess and Zoom comes to collect.

Basically, the Johnny Quick in Earth 2 in the show is an Allen family member. In the comics, his Earth 3 name was originally Jonathan Allen. I believe he has the face of an Allen because of the scene where Zoom unmasks Barry in the latest episode. It seems to be that Harry thought that Zoom would be affected and falter at the appearance of the person behind the mask. This might be someone who knew Zoom in Earth 2 (or possibly Earth 3). Given that knowledge, I feel like Zoom is either Earth 2 Henry or Barry, whose name is actually Jonathan in said reality. Given the show's knack for mixing origins to make one unique character, I believe they'll be drawing from the idea behind Johnny Quick of Earth 2, who wrote a formula which let him get his speed. Maybe Harry tried to stop him and it failed, thus driving him mad and also making Harry the man who "created Zoom".

Another suggestion that Zoom is Johnny Quick is in the recent episode when Barry asks him he wants to be a hero and Zoom says "heroes die". This is the same mentality of the Earth 3 Johnny Quick, who lived in a world where heroes were pushed down and made into nothing. Villains were considered the gods of the world. Of course, if you want more evidence behind Zoom being Johnny Quick, check out my other piece, which I may as well link again HERE.

So, I believe that Harry is hiding the fact that him and Zoom have a deeper connection and he's hiding information about him from Jesse as well.

So what do you think? Is Jesse Zoom's daughter? Who is Zoom? Let's talk about it in the comments!

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