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Out of the darkness and into our lives enters Zoom. The episode starts off with a flash-forward, showing Linda Park dressed as Earth 2 Linda Park (Dr. Light) and Barry (The Flash) fighting, she then "defeats" The Flash and throws his emblem into the wormhole to summon Zoom.

72 hours earlier at S.T.A.R Labs, Barry is talking to Earth 2 Linda and she tells him that Zoom sent her here to kill Barry, but she was going to kill Earth 1 Linda so she could trick Zoom into thinking that she is dead and she goes into hiding. Dr. Light tells Barry that Zoom cannot be stopped, but he doesn't listen and tells her he needs her help to try and stop Zoom. Barry, Cisco, and Caitlin are talking about Barry and Dr. Light fighting and that she needs to use his emblem to summon Zoom, Cisco then says that it took a lot to make that emblem. Earth 2 Harrison enters the room and tells the gang that he was working on a serum that will dampen Zoom's speed and Cisco needs to develop a weapon to deliver the serum into Zoom. Caitlin says that we are forgetting that Zoom is much more powerful than we all think and that he will be able to catch what we shoot at him, Harry then says surprise, the element of surprise and that they need to rig a projectile to fire at Zoom as he enters through the breach because he can't stop what he can't see coming.

At the CCPD, we see Patty talking with Joe about the Dr. Light case, that she can make herself invisible by turning light into hard light, Joe then interrupts her and says the Dr. Light case is closed. Barry and Patty then talk about Joe and about their kiss that they had. I'm sorry for those who like Patty, not saying I don't, but Barry and Iris need to get together already, we all waited three season before Oliver and Felicity got together, I am not doing that again for Barry and Iris.

Back at S.T.A.R Labs, we see Cisco bringing food to Dr. Light, but she had made herself invisible and escaping the holding cell she was lock in and S.T.A.R Labs. Harrison says they should have trusted him when he said Dr. Light was dangerous and that she needed to be put down. Joe, Caitlin, and Cisco have a talk and Barry says he will do whatever it takes to stop Zoom and walks away as Joe chases him down. Joe then tells Barry he is putting a lot of trust into Earth 2 Wells and asked if he is so obsessed with stopping Zoom is because he didn't stop the Reverse Flash. Also, we found out that Barry tried out for football in high school, which seemed to make Barry mad when Joe brought it up.

As it cuts to Harry working in Cisco's lab, Cisco comes up from behind and tries to vibe Harry, which just made him angry. As we see from the flashback Harrison has, we see that the college his daughter goes to was attacked by Zoom and that she was kidnapped by him. This is why Harrison wants to stop Zoom, and came to Earth 1 to help Barry. Also, we find out on Earth 2, Robert Queen is Green Arrow.

Iris brings Linda to S.T.A.R Labs when the Flash runs up to her and says he needs her help. They enter a testing room where Linda then goes through test runs to train with Dr. Light's suit to help capture Zoom. When Linda doesn't think she is good enough to stop Zoom, Barry runs to Joe's house and reveals himself as the Flash to Linda and says that she can help stop Zoom.

Cisco finally vibes Harry and it is revealed that Zoom does in fact have his daughter and she is alive, this is then revealed later to the Flash team and it is clear to them why Harrison wants to stop Zoom.

Barry and Linda fight in the ship yard, where she then "takes down" the Flash and throws his emblem into the wormhole, where they wait for Zoom to come through, but he doesn't show. Harrison then freaks out that he didn't show. Linda and Iris are at the Central City Picture News having a drink together, Zoom captures Linda and takes her to S.T.A.R Labs.

Barry ask Zoom what he wants from him and he says everything, he then says what you want to be a hero, then Zoom says no, heroes die. Barry and Zoom begin to fight. During this fight Barry attempts to throw a lighting bolt at Zoom, but it fails when Zoom catches it and throws it back at Barry.

Pretty awesome right?! Zoom then beats Barry to hell and goes Bane on him braking his back. Harry attempts to shoot Zoom with the speed dampening serum, but he catches it and says "Never forget, I am the fastest man alive." then injects Barry with the serum. Zoom then takes Barry to Picture News tells them to look as their hero, he is no "god", he is nothing. Then he takes him to CCPD, and tells the cops that the days of the Flash protecting the city are over, where is your precious hero? Zoom brings Barry to S.T.A.R Labs and unmasks Barry telling he wasn't fast enough.

Poor Barry
Poor Barry

When Barry wakes up, he doesn't have his speed and cannot feel his legs. This was a great episode, I am ready for next weeks episode. When will Barry get his speed back? Will he be able to walk by the end of next weeks episode? We'll have to wait and see. As always, may the speed force be with you.

P.S. this is my first ever review, but not my first article, I am better at writing theories than I am reviews, so I am sorry if this is a bad review of "Enter Zoom". Please let me know how I did with the review, and how I can improve for the future in the comment section. It will be much appreciated.


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