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Superstar Chef Adam Jones is back in the food industry after recovering from major alcohol, drug and sex addiction. He's paid his penance and is searching for redemption by earning his third Michelin star.

Bradley Cooper leads an unbelievably stacked cast; from his American Sniper co-star Sienna Miller to small roles from Alicia Vikander and Uma Thurman, the cast for Burnt is dazzling but does the movie deserve such talent?

Despite such negative word of mouth on Burnt, I had a surprisingly pleasant time with the movie. Bradley Cooper has quickly become one of my favorite actors in recent years and whilst his performance in Burnt won't earn him a fourth consecutive Oscar nomination, it's a terrific role for him. Adam Jones is a man with a past, a once highly successful Chef who threw everything away when he got addicted to all the wrong things, but he's learnt his lesson and is back to prove he's as good as he thinks he is.

Upon Adam Jones' arrival in London he starts to assemble a team of chefs for his kitchen to make his restaurant the best in the world. He wants people to visit the restaurant not to eat, but to have an experience which means he's a very controlling, intimidating presence in the kitchen. Sienna Miller who plays Jones' Sous Chef has terrific chemistry with Bradley Cooper, of course a cliched romance comes out of their time together but it doesn't ever feel rushed, it feels natural because of how well the two act together. The biggest appeal to this film is definitely the performances and the characters, I was fully invested in the character of Adam Jones and surprisingly the story he was involved in which I didn't expect to enjoy, but I was rooting for the character from beginning to end despite how unlikable he can be at times.

Unlike Jon Favreau's Chef which makes you fall in love with the artistry of food, Burnt simply makes you a bit hungry. The food is shot beautifully but with Chef there was an obvious passion behind every move the characters made when it came to cooking food and with Burnt I would have liked to see a bit more of an understanding from the characters of why food is there passion in life. I also would have liked to see more of Adam Jones' actually cooking and seeing why he's the best in the business, he more so just gets angry at his chef's when their food isn't up to standard.

Make no mistake, Burnt is a cliched, sometimes cheesy and by the numbers drama but it's entertaining, paced well and packed full of impressive performances by it's excellent cast.

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