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AMC's The Walking Dead just cast Jeffrey Dean Morgan as the new big bad, Negan, the original antagonist from the comics! It isn't officially known whether or not he will be making his debut this season, but speculation has it that if he does, it will be toward the end. Morgan is scheduled to begin working on the show this week, which is also the same time the last episode will be shot. This probably means that the iconic, villainous character will appear in the last episode of the season and go on to torment the group in the next season.

The introduction of such a vicious character could possibly affect the show in a permanent way. In the comics, Negan makes what the Governor did a few seasons back look like nothing. Just imagine what he could do on screen!

Nothing Like We've Seen Before!

There's no doubt that the Governor was an immoral villain – the problem is, he just made it all a bit easy. I know he didn't make it exactly "easy," but he made it easy enough. The guy had a certain amount of weakness that Rick was able to take advantage of. The Governor's moves and mistakes made him look like an amateur.

Compared to the Governor, Negan is more of a professional when it really comes to being evil. He uses fear to take advantage of people in many ways, which is why he has such a large group of survivors under his rule. Negan is so powerful that Rick can't simply overcome him directly. He eventually finds a way, but it is probably the biggest challenge he's ever faced.

Lucille Is Ready to Do Some Damage!

The Walking Dead has shown some pretty gruesome deaths, from getting shot or stabbed to getting completely ripped apart by walkers. But nothing can define the word "brutal" better than Lucille. The barb-wired baseball bat in the hands of Negan couldn't be anymore menacing. With Lucille making her debut on screen, it will bring a whole new level of horror to the deaths on the show.

Someone Important Is Bound to Get Killed Off!

When the Governor showed how carefree and evil he was, he took out one of the most beloved characters on the show, Hershel. Even knowing that Hershel was meant to get killed off sometime, as he was in the comics, the episode still completely shocked fans. So who will Negan take from us?

Originally, in the comics, it was the iconic pizza-boy, Glenn, that first fell victim to Negan's ruthlessness. Even though Glenn was supposedly killed off in episode 3 of this season, if he makes his return, he may still be offed by Negan. But it may also be Daryl. If Negan is going to kill off somebody, obviously it has to be someone that has a significance to the show, but who knows? From the way The Walking Dead is heading, Negan could take the life of anyone!


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